I hired Juliette for a specific purpose--to help me get unblocked in my efforts to take my company (an early-stage renewable energy software provider) to the next level. Our relationship succeeded brilliantly--I rediscovered the passion I had years ago as an ambitious entrepreneur, and even more remarkably, had a series of creative breakthroughs that re-established my company's reputation as an innovator.

In my experience, Juliette's gift for coaching stems from her eclectic, multidisciplinary set of skills and experience. On one hand, she is very well-versed in both spiritual and metaphysical domains. On the other, she has life experience that grounds her insights and gives them significant credibility. Hers is an holistic approach that in my case provided significant, tangible results. Her approach is not for everyone, and she vets her prospective clients to make sure the mutual elements exist to produce success. When those elements are present, the result is quite magical. I give Juliette my highest recommendation and endorsement.

~ Jay, CEO/Founder, Leading Energy Software Company

I have waited my whole life to find Juliette. Juliette saved my life in many ways and by that I mean awakened me to my true potential. She taught me the skills I needed to arise from the fog that life sometimes traps us in.  She guided me, encouraged me, saw what I was unable to see and gave me all of the tools to heal and rise, rise strong.  Juliette is the most gifted healers I know.  She comes from a center of love and wisdom, but has the sass, humor and strength to tell you exactly how things need to change.  She is my life coach, my true friend and one of the brightest stars in the universe.  Thank you Juliette.

~Amy, Senior Director, Leading Ad Tech Company

Working with Juliette has been the best decision that I’ve made for my business and career in years! She has a unique and thought-provoking way of getting right to the heart of what’s blocking you and helping you create a path around any obstacles. She continually keeps me focused on what my long-term goals are and what I need to do daily to get there. I’ve worked with many other business coaches before who really just didn’t resonate with me and I ended up wasting a lot of time and money. Juliette inspires you and holds the space for you to truly go deep and discover what fears are holding you back from creating the life you love.

~Diane, CEO/founder, Magazine Publisher

In an hour and a half session with Juliette my world cracked open in a way I NEVER could have imagined!  Many of the questions that were plaguing me were validated or answered completely!  Many of the topics I had anxiety or angst over fell away.  She NAILED IT!!  By “it” I mean the deep work I’ve been wrestling with.  She allowed me accept parts of me I had been unconsciously resisting or blocking completely!  I had been living my life through someone else’s rulebook.  While I had questioned my own rules there were many that were so deeply ingrained in me that I couldn’t see them to know that I needed to question them!

~Julie, Coach & Author

Juliette was right on, and once I opened to receive the gifts I deserved for my hard work, the doors started opening!

Thank you Juliette, I am so grateful for everything you are doing to guide me throughout this business expansion process. May God bless you and empower you so you can continue helping others to become better human beings and better professionals to offer their gifts to the world.

Everyone needs a coach and Juliette was truly God-sent, she is perfect for me and is helping me and my business prosper in a scale I could never have imagined before. If you think you can fly, if you feel you can fly, if you can feel the wind blowing on your face when you are up there flying and you are just too afraid to jump and flap your wings...

You should talk to Juliette!

~Cris, Entrepreneur

For the past five years I have been hearing a small voice in my head, telling me that I am meant for more. More in my career, more in my finances, more in my friendships, more in my romantic relationship. Just more!  During the course of these years that voice has gotten louder and louder. The voice then began to nudge me. I could physically feel a pull from my gut.  I could no longer ignore these queues.

While sitting at my desk one day, I felt as though “the voice” was preparing to jump out of my conscious and into my flesh. This voice is the me that I long to be. So I sprang into action, eager to further explore my potential. I wasn’t sure where to begin, so I started searching for counselors in my area. My thinking was, in order to get past whatever barriers I have, that have kept me from fulfilling my full potential up until this point, I had to face them head on. My search lead me to a list on Psychology Today’s website.

I began to go down the list, jotting down the name and number of anyone who jumped out at me. I don’t know whether it was her freckles or the quote next to her picture but when I came across Juliette’s information, “the voice” told me my search was over. I skipped over all the other names and numbers I had previously written and called Juliette. When Juliette and I spoke over the phone I felt a sense of relief and comfort. I felt as though I had made the first step to changing my life for the better.

We set a date for that following week and ended the conversation on an optimistic note. I began thinking of all the future possibilities this could lead to. My optimism soon faded into fear as I started to think of all the hurdles that I avoided in the past that I now was preparing to face. I canceled the appointment, convincing myself that now just wasn’t the right time. A few weeks past, “the voice” and the tugging continued.  Despite my apprehension (which was rational) I could not convince myself that now wasn’t the time. I called Juliette back and set a date that I was determined to keep. After our first session I am beyond confident that I made the right decision. Speaking with her was like talking to a longtime friend or an aunt full wisdom. I felt a supreme sense of comfort and peace. Her insight left me speechless. She immediately gave me assignments to hold me accountable for my future. After putting into practice some of her tips, I already feel a difference. I know that I am embarking on the life change that I was hungry for. I’m excited to meet “the voice” that I believe Juliette has a direct line to.




~Adara, Program Officer

My partner and I are not normally the type of people that would seek out a medium for an intuitive reading. Neither of us had ever had a reading before and prior to meeting Juliette, never cared about having one. However after meeting Juliette for the first time and feeling the amazing energy she exudes, listening to her unbelievable spiritual experiences and then finally speaking with a few others that have received life-changing readings from Juliette, my partner and I decided we would go for it and have Juliette do a reading for us.

The question everyone wants to know is, “Was she accurate, did she know things about you that she couldn’t have known, is she for real?” To which I respond, “Yes…Absolutely…Most definitely.” There was no question in our minds once Juliette began speaking that we were in the presence of someone blessed with an intense spiritual gift. 

I don’t want to belittle Juliette’s gift or our readings with a bunch of “run of the mill” adjectives like, amazing, outstanding, unbelievable, awesome, etc. It was all of those things…intensified, but it was so much more. Spiritual, sacred, loving, safe (aside from the obvious accuracy mentioned before.) It’s very hard for me to articulate the spirit and the emotion in the room when she spoke about our past and our future direction. She spoke with kindness, compassion, excitement. She shared in our laughter and tears. Goosebumps surfaced numerous times.

I have shared our experience with family members who share in our excitement and awe, however to truly understand what I am speaking about, you must experience an intuitive reading with Juliette for yourself. We feel blessed to have Juliette come into our lives and share her beautiful gift with us.

 ~Alison, Photographer

I don't know if you realize how grateful I am for all you did for me. Your generosity is not forgotten. I brought Heart Song into the world with your help and am now ready to move forward with it in a big way. You were my cheer leader and a mentor in that process. I am happy to say that I am stronger now than ever and am moving forward on my own. I don't know if you received my Facebook messages asking for an autographed copy of your book. If you sell autographed books through amazon then I will order one there. Just let me know, please.  I hope we can stay in touch. Your work is an inspiration. It sounds like you are thriving in Florida. I like reading Soulfood Sunday each week.  Keep shining, you are a powerful light.

~ Kristin, Reiki Master and sound healer

Praises to Juliette!  She came into my life through a recommendation of a dear friend, during a time in my life when I was experiencing physical symptoms that could not be explained by my medical doctor.  I did not know what to expect with Juliette, so my experience with her was incredibly unique and an extraordinary adventure into the spirit world.  She channeled messages to me from my spirit guides that told me exactly what I needed to do in order to reach my goals.  She scanned my chakras and was able to pin down exactly what was going on with my body physically (no joke, everything she told me, happened 4 days later), which was very helpful for be because it alleviated fear that I was having and allowed me to focus on exactly what I needed to focus on to heal and get better.

I recommend Juliette to anyone who is open and interested in her ability to psychically locate areas in which you are stuck physically and psychologically and to folks who are opened to hearing what the spirits from the other dimensions have to say! Over the past two years, she has helped me clear out necessary emotional baggage and see myself as the beautiful, smart, successful woman that I am.

When you sign up to work with Juliette, you are not only getting a life coach, but you are also getting a blissful, soulful, shamanista who walks on planet earth and the spiritual realm, who will send you text message and emails and calls out of the blue with tidbits that she picks up from the universe to help you heal/grow/transcend your consciousness.  To this day, she continues to keep me focused on my path using her super-soul-sister-powers!  I am blessed to have found her.

~Sage, Coach and Author

I feel your work takes my thoughts and forces me into visualizing my life and taking steps toward making it actually happen. You can sit around and think about it all you want, which keeps you idle. Juliette is the catalyst that gets the forward motion needed. Sometimes people need a little push and focus like me. I am now taking action on my business and already have more two clients.

~Debbie, Reiki master and Emotional Release Healer

Juliette is a healing force of nature. In terms of working in the inner landscape, she is very much like a spiritual Sherpa. Her deep knowledge of human nature combined with a caring heart makes her a powerful inspiration for personal evolution and expansion. She knows when to push, when to listen and when to reach for more. If you truly want to be the person you were born to be, then this is the person to work with.

~Woody, CEO/Founder of a leading Nonprofit

Juliette is an amazing practitioner. Both during and after my activation session, I received guidance and information that has completely changed how I view my life's work. I am able to consciously work on what's holding me back and acknowledge my strengths, so that I can make changes to manifest my bigger vision and be of greater service to the world. Juliette helped me identify where in my life I am blocked, and gave me the tools to be able to release them. She is completely supportive in her process, and I trust her wisdom and guidance as I evolve to the next level in my life, relationships, and livelihood. Thank you Juliette! I am so excited to continue to peel back the layers to create positive change for myself and my clients. I love you and am so blessed to be in your presence!

~Jane, CEO/Founder, leading Publishing House

So, so many things have shifted dramatically and positively in the six months since I started working with Juliette. The most critical change through this amazing journey has been that I finally believe I deserve good things in my life. I was in therapy pretty consistently for about 25 years and always (and I do mean always) ran up against the WALL of shame and perfectionism and people pleasing that just would not allow me to fully accept and love myself.  Now that wall is gone, destroyed, almost like it was never there. It’s been life altering beyond what I could have hoped for. I see myself so differently and I am infinitely kinder to myself.

~Leanne, Human Resources Executive