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Who Do You Think You Are


Who Do You Think You Are

The ‘you’ that you think you are is “actually made up of Three Selves, or time-bodies – past, present and potential – and that these three distinct entities send out energetic pulses, or waves, that interact to create your experience of life.”  (Amazon review of Brian Hubbard’s book, The Untrue Story of You: How to Let Go of the Past that Creates You, and Become Fully Alive in the Present)

I agree but I think he’s missing a pivotal piece, our past lives piece. There are four selves - time bodies. None of our bodies are time bound, not even the one you are in right now. Time is bendable and if bendable changeable. Einstein proved this in the theory of Relativity that time and space are relative to one another.

The four Selves are actually:

·      Past Life (or more commonly past lives, as we have many)

·      Past (the story of ourselves that we think is true)

·      Present (the story we believe at this very moment)

·      Potential (the story we create with our thoughts, actions, and beliefs in present-day that becomes our world in the future)

All of these selves are living simultaneously in you right now, this very second, ok, the second before this one, nope, this second. You get my point. Every second is present and fleeting because it immediately becomes past and is recorded in our past story.

What would happen if you went and uncovered each past life and came to peace with them, released them, and learned from them?

What would happen if you went back and changed the story of your current life, your childhood, your conflicts, and your fears?

What would happen if instead of what you have imprinted in memory bank as truth is actually not only false but bendable?

What would happen if you unlocked your potential and by doing so created a life you actually love?

Once you understand, accept, and actually love who you are and were, you will no longer respond from a place of fear and anxiety. You can heal the negative patterns and beliefs that block you from your true self. You can become the real you that you know you were meant to be, the one you agreed to be with God’s soul council. Love is the answer. I’m talking about the love that allows you to let negativity flow through you, to open up to infinite possibilities, to view the world as a blank canvas (and a mirror for learning at times), and to expand your awareness to a life that is right here right now – one that you love living. (My book, The Four Tenets of LOVE: Activate, Open, and Inspire Your LifesPath ™,

As Bryan states, you can become “the child you once were who could see the world as it really is, an unfolding miracle in the present moment.” (The Untrue Story of You: How to Let Go of the Past that Creates You, and Become Fully Alive in the Present, Bryan Hubbard)