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Life is Ready For You. Are You Ready For It?


Life is Ready For You. Are You Ready For It?

Just last Saturday I was walking the dogs early in the morning, around 6-6:30 and as usual the ravens gave me their caw, caw, and coo, coo, which I’ve learned to understand in raven means, hello and welcome to this gorgeous morning. I stopped, looked up, and said hello back at ya and thanks for watching my house. We kept walking and at this time of the morning I’m in deep daydreaming mode so when I turned onto another path and heard, caw, caw, caw, caw, caw, caw. I thought, that’s weird this is a warning cry to pay attention. I looked down and around and just behind me on the path was a yellowish brownish snake. My heart started beating super fast and I kind of freaked out in my head. What if I had accidentally stepped on it?

Oh my God, everyone tells me that only the black snakes are benign down here and the other colors are venomous to varying degrees.

And then I saw it look right at me coil up into a flat ball and uncoil and stretch out. It never moved from where it was. The ravens began cawing again but this time more softly, gently, and I felt super calm. Then the thought popped into my head, Juliette you must honor the snake, for she was yours many eons ago. I remembered that in a past life I was a priestess in Minoa and that we were a part of the snake goddess and her temples. The minute that thought came to me (and I knew it was not my thought because I always speak in the first person, I, to myself and the guides speak using my name or dear one) I saw the snake bend its head and look at me, waiting. I folded my hands together and bowed to it, thanking it for watching over me, for bringing me here, and for helping me remember. Right at that moment, it nodded its head and stretched back out and started sunning itself.

Strange things with birds and animals happen all the time in front of me but this was a first. Here’s what came to me as an explanation. I know who I am, where I came from in my soul lineage and I know that I have left a venomous life behind, hence why I only noticed it after I walked over it. (I seriously still cannot believe that.)

The ravens warned me about danger that can be right there when we don’t pay attention to the details and the coincidences and the synchronicity. And lastly I got the clear message that the priestess is back and that snake totem reminds me of the work.

So here’s part of my work for you to learn to fish, instead of me just giving you fish: my soul blueprint activation

We’ll meet for 90-minutes for 3 sessions, giving me a deep sense of who you are at the soul-level. I’ll be able to read your soul and know what your story is and was. It is so cool and I am in awe every time I do it and every time a client shifts instantaneously.

It includes a remote body, mind, and soul scan done to deepen the process, allowing me to see every facet of your life, past, past life, present, and future. You get to experience it all over again and know exactly what you are here to do, what bonds need to be broken, and what traits, experiences, and expertise you have brought with you that are waiting to come out.

You’re in for a wild ride. You’ll discover things about each pas t life that you never considered. You’ll discover which soul contracts have never been severed. You’ll maybe even meet your guides and totem animals.

 You and your soul will reconnect. You’ll know you’re unstoppable and your soul will know you know it too.  So the life you promised yourself that you would experience and the gifts you wanted to bring to the world are ready for you now to step into...Life is ready. Are you ready for it?