I'm coming out. I'm a psychic and a shaman. I always have been and I've never felt really comfortable coming out about it.

  1. What will people say?
  2. How will people I know act?
  3. Will the mask, when uncovered be missed?
  4. Will I want to go back in?

The answers are:

  1. Some will laugh and snigger, some will be amazed, and most will say what took you so long.
  2. They will embrace me and if they don't they don't know me...at all.
  3. Yes...and no. When I'm being absolutely real with myself, I'll know. And the warning to others: once off it can't come back on so easily...you'll know it's on. You'll be looking at yourself interacting in that fake way and inside you'll say, ok, just cut the bullshit already. Get real. I can't even watch this anymore. The other thing that happens is that the things, people, places, and relationships you thought, actually, hoped was real, may drift away or in may have to be de-created, dismantled, released, or just fire bombed, your choice.

I'm coming out.

I've gotten real with who I am. I know that like everyone else, I can sense the energy around me, in me and in you. I know I can see past past, past, present, and future simultaneously. I know that Einstein was right. Time is bendable. I know I can manifest what needs to come to me.


I wait. I listen. I observe. I wait some more. I act when prompted. I act. I don't react. I respond.

I practice. Daily. I practice. Through frustration, impatience, wishful thinking, day dreaming, pain, pleasure, desire, regrets, I practice. Daily.

And my practice consists of sitting still for 30 minutes to an hour. It consists of managing where my thoughts go. I notice the looping and I notice when I'm not. I notice authenticity in me and others. I call out bullshit on myself and in some cases in others. I practice.

I am a psychic and a shaman.

I know that by writing this you may feel strong enough to come out too. Come out. Come out and play.