Last week I talked about mindfulness as a daily practice of meditation to reduce stress and to open yourself up to possibilities and expanded awareness.

Mindfulness is the first M in the four M's, my cornerstones to thriving in your life.

Movement is the second M. Mindfulness meditation is about being completely present with what is, observing yourself as is, and noticing what is around you, inside of you, and what comes up for you.

The dictionary defines movement in two ways:

  1. The act of changing physical location or position, and
  2. A group of people working together to advance their shared political, social, or artistic ideas.

While mindfulness is about sitting in presence and being aware of what is, movement is about being aware of yourself while in motion.

And when I say "in motion" I'm talking about all movement:

The physical movement of the body;

The power of thoughts creating and changing reality;

The flow of emotion;

The passion of transforming ideas into purpose.

Movement is powerful. Studies show that just moving your body 30 minutes a day has a profound effect on your body. Imagine what effect moving your mind and soul has.