So often I hear, "I can't meditate....I don't have time...I can't sit still...I don't know how."

I heard once from the Dalai Lama that if you don't have time to meditate do it twice as long. The point being that it is that important.

Feeling busy? Meditate.

Stuck? Meditate.

Furious? Meditate.

Lonely? Meditate.

Afraid? Meditate.

The answer is in meditation. Meditation. The word itself can freak people out. It may imply sitting crosslegged at some ashram and chanting Om or Om, Shanti, Shanti, Om. It may imply buying a bunch of stuff that gets you prepared to meditate. A lot of people prepare to meditate. They go on retreats, take courses, join groups, take plants to induce a higher state of being, attach themselves to crystals, listen to music. All to prepare to meditate.

Ok. So now you're prepared. Meditate.

I'm going to change the language here and replace the word meditate with observe. And then walk you through it.

Sit with your feet comfortable either crosslegged or planted firmly on the ground or one leg up and one leg down. Doesn't matter. The point here is to have your back straight as an arrow and so if you need support, find a stiff chair or sit up against the wall. No stuff needed to purchase.

Then take off your glasses if you wear them and sit with your eyes closed or open. Again, doesn't matter the point here is to notice yourself not the visual aids around you. So now. Ta da! You are meditating. Focus on your body and you can start with your breath. Take a couple of deep cleansing breaths. This does two things. It clears your head and it primes your body to the meditative state. So the next time you take some deep cleansing breaths your body will say ok, we are meditating.

Breathe. Notice. Observe what you notice and breathe through it. You'll go down the rabbit hole. You'll think about the laundry. The bills. The bird chirping. Go back to your body. Go back to your breath. Everything you need in life is in-between your breaths. In. Out. In. Out. Notice your foot. Notice your ankle. Go up your leg and notice. Just notice. Notice your thoughts. Breath. Notice. Breathe. This is meditation. The practice is the bringing yourself back to you, to your breath. It's that simple. And in time it will be that easy. Do it. Do it now. And if you're it twice as long.