Why is it that some places feel fabulous and some places make you want to jump up and get out?

This week has been a week of shifting environments. I was in North Carolina - home to my ancestors - and the land called to me. The land has been a part of my DNA since beofre the American Revolution. The land has had the blood of Revolutionaries, Slaves, Natives wanting to stay on what was God's country and the Klu Klux Klan driving hate spilled on it. The land has had the sweet sweat of native life and the anguished sweat of slaves of slaves dripped on it. The land has had the tears of those marched off to the West because land and people no longer mixed, tears of mothers and fathers whose children were hanged from trees and tears of children whose fathers and brothers were gunned down by War. The land has even had tears of joy of births and of weddings and of sheer pleasure both approved and secret. This land is my land. It really is. It is within me.

Now home. And I keep feeling something is wrong with my house. The energy is off. There are bad vibes. Not really bad just uncomfortable. I can't rest. 

I'm on the phone with my peer/dear friend, sister, and one of the first of the LifesPath Master coaches and we're talking about this and she says that the energy is coming from me. Inside is outside. Mirror work I think.

What's going on with this house. Does the inside match the outside? No this house is the house my parents would have loved when they were my age. All manicured and respectable.

Nothing wild here.

Rooms are what they are.

The dining room is just that the dining room and then we talk some more and she says. Why does that room have to be that way?

Joan starts to talk about Feng Sui and we go through the house virtually as she is in Washington. Water in the front. Bathroom and bedroom in the area of private sanctuary. My spiritual place. My retreat. Then back to the open office area and she sees what I can't. The room has all of its energy zapped by corners (poison arrows) and mixed messages. Office and chaise lounge. No. Transition room feeling stuck. Living room of family and prosperity too formal and in my world the dining room table and food are the center of family life. Dining room too cramped and dark and in the place of family time and quiet. We FaceTime and she sees it. A plant here to stop the corner from throwing darts at my desk. Switch the dining room and family room. A crystal, sheer curtain and or another plant to stop the energy from rushing out of my office. Bookcases behind me and a round rug to anchor my space.

She's good. I do most of it right then. And today. I feel anchored and have been working and writing all day. DNA/environment. Inside/outside. Past/present. Here/there. Now...all now and all about the vibes. Elevating the vibes of space so we can elevate our own vibes. xo, j