We're all running around doing, doing, doing. And I'm wondering when we're going to get it and start being, being, being.

I was recently in Italy visiting my sister and my niece and nephew who live in Rome. And I realized something as I looked around me.

No Starbucks cups.

No looking down and texting.

No silence.

Lots of noise.

Lots of smells. Fresh and even not so fresh.

Sounds of life.

There were multiple conversations going on.

Eye contact everywhere.

And peeking into the corner cafes people were standing up and enjoying their coffees-they were in a rush. The ones seated were even more leisurely drinking and eating a bite. They were enjoying the present moment.

Yeah - I'm sure they have bills to pay, worries about family, vacations, jobs, houses, cars, wives, husbands, kids, lovers, ending or starting relationships.

They have shit going on just like us.

But at that moment.

At that very, very precious moment...

Life was about being...

Not doing.

So now I'm home and I'm taking an active role in the practice of being.

I'm here when I'm on the phone, not fumbling through papers or wondering what my life will look like five years down the road.

I'm making dinner and I'm thinking about each and every ingredient.

I'm driving - not driving and texting (admit it...we all do it even though every day someone dies doing it)

I'm here with my eyes looking at you when you speak.

I'm paying attention.

I'm here. And life...

is good. These moments of life are all good. Time to chillax.