The Nocebo Effect. According to Bruce Lipton while the Placebo Effect is very apparent that belief in something working works the counter part, the Nocebo Effect is not studied but is as apparent in that negative beliefs have desperately negative effects on the body.

Environment, aka thoughts, provoke gene expression.

What you believe becomes your truth and your truth shows up in your body.

Our bodies don't lie.

What we think and what we believe is truth is written all over our bodies.


That's powerful. We can control our genetics through our the lives we lead, our daily lifestyle, our beliefs, and our emotions. We have power over our biology. We are not the victims of our genes. We are the masters of our lives. ~Bruce Lipton

In 2000 I had breast tissue removed from both breast and replaced the tissue with breast implants (just like Angelina Jolie did a couple of years ago). I was sure that since my aunt had a double mastectomy and I had the genetic disposition for both breast cancer and colon cancer this was my only recourse. I now know differently. It wasn't the gene that expressed itself, it was my stressed out lifestyle that expressed it.

Bow down to the Om!

And when I say that I'm not saying sit there and zen out. I'm saying life present. Feel everything consciously and if you want to express anger express it. If you want to express sorrow express it. And if you want to express happiness express it. We are wired to express our lives fully at all times and we are meant to look at at our beliefs and shift those that no longer work for us.

Here's the truth:

Life is all expression good, bad, ugly,'s all expression. And we are the masters not the victims. So flip whatever or wherever you see yourself as a victim.