The gut plays an important role in mental health. It's what we know now. The key to this combination of brains and guts is the microbiome.

"...Only in the past decade have scientists recognized that a vast array of bacteria, collectively known as the microbiome, inhabits our gut and serves as an important organ of the body. Billions of those bacteria, called probiotics, do good. They stimulate the development and function of the immune system, combat growth of harmful micro-organisms, aid in the process of digestion, even promote healthy body weight. But probably the most unlikely discovery has been that, in ways still under study, the gut plays an important role in mental health. "You can't have a healthy brain without a healthy gut." says psychiatrist Ted Dinan of Ireland's University College Cork." (Going With The Gut, Psychology Today Aug. 2016)

So it's all about the diet.

The diet feeds the force of the microbiome which in turn feeds the body what it needs and then raises the vibration.

Food is vibration.

Living food raises your vibration and dead food lowers it.

How do you know what food is dead or alive??

The alkali content.

Full circle.

We go full circle from the womb bathed in alkali water to the food which can bathe us in energy or destroy us by unlocking the genetic codes that predispose us to dis-ease! And as my boyfriend from my twenties, a die hard surfer in the OC, used to say, "It's all about the vibes, baby! All about the vibes."

It's all about the vibes. The vibes are our environment. Nature versus nurture. The DNA, while it may hold the genetic codes of diseases are only unlocked when triggered. And what triggers the unlocking of the code...Environment.

Nature Nurtures.

Nurture Nature.

The human diet can either nurture or hinder. It is not a neutral. And the best component of the human diet to aid in the strengthening and blossoming of the microbiome is the "prebiotic - nondigestible carbohydrates, otherwise known as fiber. All prebiotics are fiber but nat all fiber is prebiotic-only those complex carbohydrates that resist digestive enzymes but lend themselves to fermentation by bacteria in the large intestine." (Going With The Gut, Psychology Today Aug. 2016)

If brains and guts are what we are the driving force is the microbiome and the microbiome loves to work on plants, roots, and anything grasslike. Prebiotics are where its at.

So the closer we can get to the source in our diets the better we feel and the longer we live happier.