What would it look like if we thought of our body as a verb instead of a noun? We already know that there is a body/mind connection and that there is no duality. There is no body separate from the mind nor mind separate from the body. The body is the mind and the mind embodies the body in every cell, in every DNA strand, in every genome, and in every microbial cell.

Bodi Deliberato, a plant-based triathlete writes in Hippocrates Health Institute's Healing Our World magazine that according to the Human Microbiome Project, the total number of microbial cells found in humans may exceed the total number of human cells by a factor of 10:1.

What does this mean in terms of thinking about the body as a verb instead of a noun?

It means we have all the knowledge within us and all our thoughts and emotions effect our body's constant evolution or degeneration. The body as a verb is "bodying." It's evolving shifting, moving, dancing, singing, expanding, contracting, eliminating, and ever changing. And thorough our beliefs, perceptions, emotions, stories, and foods-all inputs our body adapts and as our body adapts from these inputs it creates outputs such as chemicals, neurotransmitters, information that then we receive as additional inputs which has an effect on our physical, emotional, and spiritual body. Feed the body and the body feeds you.

Deepak Chopra said at the eMerge Miami Conference that he "brought the same luggage to this conference last year, but this year he brought a different body...Your body is a process; it's more like a verb, rather than a noun." You can watch Deepak's talk on YouTube. It's fascinating. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhyUN6yq1vw

Each cell contains the original primordial stem cell from before you became yourself and it changes and is altered based on the beliefs you decide to keep. Stories. Back to stories. Stories are kept in each cell. Deepak states that "your mind is not in your brain." It is in each and every cell and in each and every strand of DNA which then contains each and every story of the primordial cells. It contains the universe-divine intelligence.

Back to the body as a verb and these microbial cells. Microbiomes are mostly held in the gut and the skin. Your gut is where your real brain is, unfiltered, unprocessed, and unaltered. This gut of ours know the truth for us. This "gut feeling" is raw, truer than true, and trustworthy. You skin is where the information comes through as well. Ever have your skin crawl when you walk into a space that just isn't right or have goose bumps or feel flushed?

These microbial cells, as they have not been filtered by our stories - the unconscious beliefs that we hold as true, are not manipulated as of yet and so can be trusted more so than anything else. Why? Because they are unfiltered and not yet manipulated by our verb body and I would say 'verbal' body have a direct link to the universal truths - divine intelligence! We are connected to source on a cellular, microbial, and even subatomic level.

Our gut is the epicenter of truth.

That is until we bring chemicals and toxic truly dead "foods" into our system. Our body ecosystem is a connects directly to divine intelligence through the gut. So what's for dinner again?