I came across the name Dan Nevins last summer. The New York Post article. In it he recounts how he was introduced to yoga. He said, "he was on a patrol during the Battle of Fallujah when an improvised explosive device, or IED, detonated, ejecting him and entangling his legs in his vehicle’s undercarriage.

“I thought I was going to die,” he said, adding that his partner was killed.

Nevins suffered a brain injury, lost one leg instantly and had to have the other amputated after 30 surgeries failed to save it.

He fell into depression, and a friend suggested he try the ancient discipline."

And then again this year. And I thought to myself, here's a bad-ass! He is double-amputee and he could have gone the route of so many others who come back from combat and get into the VA system of pills, more pills, little to no support in terms of counseling let alone coaching. And somehow he didn't.

He had the strength to free himself from his own demons and limitations. We all have that power. I watched my life fall apart while my husband dropped into the depths of depression after three tours of combat. And I watch now as some clients refuse to break through and look for that easy fix.

There is no easy fix. Life is easy and free when we do the daily practices and rituals that bring us to our truths. It's that simple.

In this recent article he says, "he's never let that hold him back and has biked across the country and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. But it was yoga that helped Nevins address his emotional issues from post-combat stress.

He admits it took him a while to get hooked. At first Nevins found yoga painful and frustrating, but after he became comfortable taking off his prosthetics and got over what he calls the "man bun and spandex stereotype," he fell in love with it. Now he's an instructor, spreading the message that yoga really is for everyone and is an especially great outlet for veterans dealing with emotional stress.

Dan Nevins is an inspiration to us all. Bravo Dan for showing us the mirror of what pulling ourselves together, visualizing and doing the stuff that needs to be done, and not wallowing in the naval gazing of "what's my purpose?"

Our purpose is to live, to take the experiences life gives us, to move through them, and to bring a greater truth to our experiences by sharing our deepest darkest lessons with the world. Our purpose to move from surviving to thriving.

For some amazing inspirational photos of Dan in some spectacular yoga poses follow him on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/dannevins/

Thank you Dan for that reminder...I may just have to rethink my social media fast. xo, j