The past is not lost. The past is a hologram as The Holographic Universe states"...(it) still exists in some form accessible to human perception. Our normal view of the universe makes no allowance for such a state of affairs, but the holographic model does. Bohm's notion that the flow of time is the product of a constant series of unfoldings and enfoldings suggests that as the present enfolds and becomes a part of the past, it does not cease to exist, but simply returns to the cosmic storehouse of the implicate."

I believe this to be true. The present becomes part of the past and is stored in a cosmic storehouse which is what people sometimes refer to as the Akashic records. This information is held in every cell of your body, in every rock, and in every place. A piece of you is held with all those places, things, and cells of you. And once we strengthen our insight enough, we, each and every one of us can access it.

Here's a little story of how I realized this glimpse of the past was contained in the present. I was in Rome visiting my sister and decided to play tourist for the day. I wanted to go to the Colosseum. As we were waiting in line I felt a little dizzy as the smell of wild cat was super strong. Nobody else could smell it. Then when we got inside or outside to the internal area I looked down into the arena and all of a sudden I wanted to throw up. I could see the crowds yelling and there was a group of people in the middle huddled together. I could feel their terror and then I saw the lions and smelled the smell. It was totally what I had smelled in line. I held onto the side of the brick wall and at that moment entered a completely different scene of what looked like gladiators and more yelling and screaming all around me. While I could feel the ground I was on and the brick in my hand and I could hear my sister talking, I was not in the present. I was in the past. In fact I was in two separate pasts - each more freaky and terrifying than the other. I kind of snapped out of it long enough to tell my sister with tears in my eyes that I simply had to leave right at that moment. I couldn't take it anymore. I was in a 3-D viewer of the past and yet I was here.

Ever go to a place that just doesn't feel right? Ever see pictures or stories of people in the past in these places. This is the hologram in which we live. Past, present, future all jumbled up together ready to be pulled forward by a vibrational force, frequency, or amplitude. It's like each person is there very own satellite dish.

Back to this unfolding and enfolding - if this is true - and I know it is recalling certain memories/stories we have can be altered, which when altered through intentional thought can be released changed and given a new vibration. And if this unfolding and enfolding is continuous grabbing on to one of those stories, shifting them even the slightest bit can have a magnificent effects on your present and thereby in your future which then affects the present and then the past. And on and on and on.

And if this unfolding and enfolding is true - the experiences we believe are true and solid can be manipulated and shifted and released. We are the masters of our stories past, present, and future.