Mindfulness is often discussed in context with meditation and then inevitably the visual is sitting on a pillow, eyes closed, legs folded yogi-style, and hands in the quintessential mudra position of index finger to thumb.

Now before you go any further...I'm not poo-pooing the above visual.

It works for some but the problem with this visual is it prevents others from starting at all. "My legs don't bend like that." Or. "I can't just sit like that and mutter 'Om'." Or. "I'm not spiritual, I'm secular. I don't prescribe to any one religion."

Separate mindfulness from spirituality and you have what the Mindful Schools term, "a sit." Just sit. Sit in a chair, a sofa, the grass, the teeny tiny seat on the airplane. Have your eyes opened or closed. Sit. Breathe a couple of deep breaths and sit. Sit. Listen to your breath. Feel each part of your body. Notice the sounds around you. Notice the thoughts coming out. Sit. Sit in it. Mindfulness is not external. It's internal. It's noticing. It's sitting in what is right now. Irritated? Sit in it. Happy? Sit in it. Disgusted? Sit in it.




Do it everyday.

Do it for 15 minutes.

Do it again.

In the words of Nike, "Just do it."

Mind-Full-ness. Sit.

Mindfulness is the most important thing I have ever done with my life. EVER. EVER. EVER. It allows me to have space between the stimuli around me and my response. And in that is freedom. Freedom of choice and in that choice are changes, manifestations, and insights. Mindfulness isn't woo woo. It's essential. Your gift to you is mindfulness, doing the 'sit' today.