A couple of weeks ago I started the Prime Detox with my peer coach and about a week into it she felt a sharp pain, almost like sciatica, down her leg. The next day the same thing happened to me. It was excruciating. I had been drinking the tea and started the juicing. I knew this pain was toxins stuck in my liver. How? I just knew. I have a knack of understanding intuitively what's going on in my body and in the body of others. I decided I would compliment the protocol with juicing and I had strong urges to drink coffee so I did.


Now fast forward to this morning in meditation. And the name Gerson came up and coffee. So I researched her and to my surprise I learned about the Gerson Method created by her father Max in the 1930's to help cure himself of his severe migraines. His method cured people of cancer, gout, and several unnamed disease we now know as auto-immune illnesses like MS, Lupus, and Lyme. This method incorporates massive amounts of juicing, fresh vegetables, and vegetable based soups. I know the powerful healing effects of organic fruits and vegetables and its ability to reverse the effects of these illnesses. Here's what I didn't know. That juicing aka what you put into your body is merely 1/2 of a protocol. The other 1/2 is helping eliminate toxins. And here's where this method becomes interesting. Gerson found that while drinking coffee keeps you awake as it stimulates the blood vessels and has a positive effect on the liver by slowing the growth of fibroids coffee enemas keep the bile ducts open.

What does this mean? The coffee enema completes the total approach to healing the body system. Adding raw foods and juices allows for the intake of live enzymes and as that goes into the blood stream it invigorates the regeneration of cells. The blood goes to the liver and dumps all the toxins and the liver's job is to get rid of it. It cleans the blood. So having the bile ducts open helps the liver get rid of so much more toxicity.

The pain in my side was an overload of toxins in my liver. It was working as hard as it could and now that my blood was recharged with all these live enzymes it was working on overtime. The blood passes through the liver 4-5 times ever 15 minutes or so. My liver needed a boost. And the best way to jumpstart the liver is coffee...enemas.