...your ability to create an authentic sense of balance with your goals and actions (dreaming vs. doing), has a lot to do with not only how effective you are in making things happen in life, but also with how much joy and fulfillment you experience. ~Oprah


I was thinking about this phrase this week when thinking of the color pink and the 1st and 7th chakras. "Head in the clouds, feet on the ground." Implies big picture thinking and detailed day-to-day action and detail-oriented thinking.


How many of us do this simultaneously?


Most of us are either dreamers or doers.


We are either right brain or left brain dominated, or we favor yin or yang. Visionary versus pragmatist.


Being both simultaneously requires we allow for day dreaming, lucid dreaming, or what I like to say setting the intention for manifesting all while honoring the daily practice of placing one foot in front of the other. Minute by minute, hour by hour day by day. We take the practice and honor the universe with a commitment to be there and to 'accept what is' while 'acting as if' the dream we intend to manifest has already occurred.


I can remember years back when I had first read The Secret I thought let me try this 'acting as if' thing on for size. I had a coat, a white synthetic shearling coat, that I had purchased at Dillard's because well, it was white and of course I need something as practical as a white synthetic fur coat in the middle of rural Nevada during one of the muddiest seasons you can imagine. Plus I lived on a gravel driveway - perfect! And it was. So I thought what if I act as if it is a very rare and expensive white mink coat. That week I had to travel to Massachusetts and of course took the coat. When I got to the airport the gate person upgraded me to Business Class. Coincidence...of course. Then when I boarded the plane the flight attendant came over and commented about how gorgeous this coat was and would I mind if she hung it with the coats in First Class. Another coincidence...of course. Then, upon arrival I was given my coat first with more comments and was allowed to deplane with First Class. And finally, after picking up my bags a couple of limousine drivers actually argued over me as a fare. I had to say, this coat is in the eyes of these two a rare and expensive coat.


Now once that happened I had to still 'accept what is' because I knew what the coat really was and I loved it as the coat it was. My life was not 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.' It was 'Lifestyles of the Newly Separated/ the No Access to Joint Credit Cards - and No Individual Credit (because I believed in the Cinderella Story) and / the Gotta Turn This Consulting Gig into a J-O-B. I was banking on this so much so that my last funds went to pay for this trip and coat. I 'acted as if' and 'accepted what was' knowing that the current lifestyle was merely a temporary set back from my 'real' life which had not become a reality yet.


Careful though, because my ability to manifest like a MF brought my 'real' life faster than I thought and because I had my head in the clouds and wasn't willing my feet to the ground I manifested something that was 'real' but not in line with my spirit. I saw the signs and willed them away. I saw the coincidences but shooed them away, and I refused to accept was was.


Head in the clouds is your big picture vision. Get it clear. Feet on the ground is your intuition and the messages in the everyday and they become visible only when sitting in the practice of the now. You offer the Universe (my Whirling Dervish Goddess Isis Diana Tripoli) your time and energy and she offers up her sage guidance. You may not know why or how. You'll know the what. Follow it - and I can assure you that it's worth it. xoxo


The teacher said I had my head in the clouds
They directed, I suspected, disconnected, had it my way
On the street, I had my feet on the ground

Stood corrected, well protected, resurrected, had it my way ~ Paul McCartney, Feet In The Clouds