I got a great surprise the other day. I opened my text and my stepdaughter Sam had sent over a clip from her Makers Conference 2016. Carla Harris is Vice Chairman, Wealth Management, Managing Director and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley. She wrote the books, Expect to Win and Strategize to Win which expand on what she calls her pearls of wisdom.


""Carla’s Pearls” have become the centerpiece for her many speeches and television appearances. In Expect to Win, Carla shares these valuable lessons, including:

  • Authenticity: The Power is You
  • The 90-Day Rule
  • Perception is the Co-Pilot to Reality
  • The Mentor, The Sponsor, The Adviser: Having Them All
  • Leverage Your Voice
  • Balance is a Necessity: Use Your Passions to Achieve it
  • Expect to Win: Show Up With Your Best Self Every Day" ~http://carlaspearls.com/about-carla/


My biggest takeaway from her speech at the Makers Conference 2106 is that "perception is the co-pilot to reality." And all the other bullets fall under that umbrella. Get that one right and you're off and running to manifesting a life you want and one you deserve.


What people think of you when you are not in the room is your perception capital. It's what is real for them and let me tell you, it becomes real for you. So I may think I am organized, strategic, and powerful or that I'm welcoming, energetic, and understanding but if I don't convey that to others through my actions on a regular and very consistent basis others will not think of me that way.


Carla talks about using three adjectives you want people to describe you as when you are not in the room and then training yourself to be those three adjectives for 90 days. The key here is that we can train people to think about us the way we want them to think about us. It requires as she says to "manifest your behavior." The behavior creates the reality! Her one word was tough. I won't be a spoiler but it's super funny to take a look. http://www.makers.com/blog/2016-makers-conference-carla-harris


And within that takeaway of perception being the co-pilot of reality is the notion of currency which I have talked about before in terms of currency being an exchange of energy. In looking at money as currency I have discovered that money and time and passion are all interrelated. We don't need to give up time and passion for money. That is the old paradigm of currency.


Carla talks about two forms of currency: performance currency and relationship currency. The first one is performance currency: that which is asked of you and a little bit more. The challenge with this currency is that it has diminishing returns because at some point your "little bit more" will be considered the norm for you. So while you are working towards scaling over that ceiling you're stuck in the average arena.


The second form of currency is relationship currency - investments that you make in the people in your environment. And this currency is the powerhouse. It allows you to rise up and to as she states, "maximize your success for the seat you're in or the seat you aspire to." This currency requires that you understand and take action on the perception front and do it with complete authenticity.


Back to the three adjectives. Know what the words are to you and how they can increase your capital in your reality. And then make sure that these three words align with your work and are valued by your organization, clients, or field of interest.


It's time to get together with your higher self and have a little pow wow around the words.


I had a meeting with my higher self and then I asked my daughters and son what three words they would use to describe me. Interestingly enough they were very, very similar. Nice.


My three adjectives are: Welcoming, Energetic, and Understanding/Intuitive (Ok, so there are 4 - time to drill down).


What are your three adjectives?