Truth is where the magic happens but first you've gotta get through fear.


I used to think fear was a guidepost to change. And you know what? On the surface, yes, its true, fear does signify change. It says "yoo-hoo" change is coming.


Change is coming.


But dig a little deeper and we can see that change is coming and we don't want it to. We sense the change and we feel the fear of the change. You can smell it. Change. Fear. Change. Fear. Fear. Change.


Animals can smell fear. It's real. Animals can sense change coming.


Fear has a real physical and chemical reaction in the body that others can sense and change has a real physical and chemical reaction on the body that most can't sense - unless they're empaths and highly developed intuitively. 


Back to fear being a guidepost to change. I'm thinking both fear and change are guideposts to something else. And that something else is truth. Fear is the guidepost to truth with the road being change. And depending how clearly we 'see' truth depends on how bumpy the road is going to get. And here's the deal, truth will show up whether you want to see it or not. 


Truth is the core of the work and fear and change are necessary components to truth. You know you're on the right track if you sense yourself feeling fear and resisting change. The body will tell you its coming.


That why animals sense it. It's real.


Truth is one strong goddess. She's a bitch! (I mean this in the nicest most admiring way) She really is. Veritas (Aletheia) the Goddess of truth is the daughter of Saturn (Zeus) and Virtue. Her opposites are Dolos (trickery), Apate (deception), and Psuedologoi (lies).


Go figure!


Trickery, deception, and lies are the mile markers to knowing how far away you actually are from your own truth. These are the masks we wear to stay safe. Truth requires us to be open, transparent, and authentic. Veritas is often depicted nude holding a hand mirror. Truth is naked and self-reflecting. Seeing what is and not what we wish. Standing in the actuality of reality without the prism of perception. Perception is the filter not the reality. And because perception can be shifted, altered, disseminated, and inserted upon, stories can change and when stories change the fear lifts and the truth of who we are shows up. And showing up open, transparent, and authentic life is beautiful and magic happens. Truth is where the magic happens.