Do not believe anything because it is said by an authority, or because it is supposed to come from angels or from Gods, or from an inspired source. Believe it only if you have explored it in your own heart and mind and body and found it to be true. ~ Buddha


I'm just finishing reading The Enlightened Leader: An Introduction to the Chakras of Leadership by Peter ten Hoopen and Fons Trompenaars and in it they talk about enlightenment. They define enlightenment as "not about becoming, but about being. Enlightenment is not about action, but about awareness." And awareness is how we "raise our consciousness." If you think this book is about to go woo woo think again. I love that the authors are using this term in a technical sense to "indicate a process of enhanced pattern recognition: the discovery of more links between nodes of information about the self and the world." They specifically rebel against the holier than thou notion of "raising consciousness" in the New Age world hierarchy of enlightenment. Hence the quote from Buddha.


One of the things that drives me absolutely bonkers is the commercialization of spirituality and the constant chatter of guides and gurus who claim they can get you there in 3, 5, or 10 easy steps if you just take this online course, go on this retreat, or listen to this podcast. OK. I'm off my soapbox and back to the larger topic at hand - the intersection of business and spirituality - a topic I find absolutely fascinating.


I've been grappling with the notion of what it would look like to overlay the chakra system onto a business structure, namely the corporation. What if a corporation was a body? It is legally. It enjoys most of the rights of an individual. It can enter into contracts, borrow and lend, sue and be sued, and own and lose assets. Sounds like a body to me. It has a mission, vision, and purpose just like another other energetic body. Right? Even the word corporation itself means in Latin to combine in one body. What if it was one body spiritually and energetically as well? Now we can take the process used in discovering ourselves on a transpersonal level and use language that aids in shifting on a systemic level.


My LifesPath process has 8 touchstones corresponding to the chakras that when applied helps us find our life's path. They are:

  1. groundedness
  2. creativity
  3. action
  4. self-respect/self-love
  5. authenticity
  6. self-awareness
  7. alignment
  8. connection

In looking closer at the words its not about finding our life's path but of uncovering and awakening to our power, purpose, and power from within which then brings us square onto our life's path. No struggle to find. Work to create awareness. Shifting the language from finding to awakening opens the door to conversations about the intersection of business and spirituality. In The Enlightened Leader there are 7 levels of enlightenment. They are:

  1. awakening awareness
  2. awakening social consciousness
  3. awakening self-respect
  4. awakening Heart Power
  5. awakening connectedness
  6. Discovery of the Secret
  7. Assuming the stance of a leader

States of being which then allows for a process to be applied to course correct. At the same time I was reading this book I heard Christina Northrop say in a podcast "Life is a series of course corrections. The flight from New York to San Francisco is never on course, its always course correcting." I was a First Class Flight Attendant on those very flights. The way to stay on course is to do the touchstones, the way you know where you are on the course is to check where your levels.


One is the how the other is the what.