"Dive deep - you will never find pearls standing on the shore." ~Amrit Gurudev (Founder of Kripalu


I'm asking you to dive deep when you work with me. Not to go through the agonizing exercise of reliving moments in your life and feeling like shit about it. And then having moment after moment of shame and regret. That's not the kind of diving I'm talking about. While it's important to look the past in the eye. I'm not here to share in your wallowing. We don't have years to do this work we have months.


I'm asking you to let go of what you regret. Let go of what you think you should have done by now. Let go of where you could be now if only...


I'm asking you to dive deep to find your truth. I'm actually not asking. I'm diving with you and sharing the dive gear. So we're both going down into the depths. I've been there. So we'll go together.


These moments you hang onto, these regrets, these shoulda coulda woulda, are only clues to where the truth lies. Nothing more. Nothing less.


For in those moments our ego takes over and we let it. We suppress your truth. We all do it. There isn't a person who has walked this earth who hasn't. Seriously. No one! Not a one.


Jesus. No. Buddha. No. Abraham. No. Mohammed. No. Any guru who has or is walking this earth. No. You. No. Me. Oh hell no.


Take a look at Gurudev. He started Kripalu. Brought yoga to the masses. Learned under Bapuji. Was his spiritual son. And yet. Fell. Ego. Loss. Sex scandal. Had to leave all he created behind and start over at 67.


In the book, The Story of Yogi Amrit Desai, it states "The higher and more respected he became, the less he could reveal his own imperfections. Then they were there for all to see. The only way to live in harmony with reality was to accept himself totally. He chose to admit to the truth and accept the consequences, but he also consciously withdrew from shame."


Boom there it is...there it is. He consciously withdrew from shame.


"The greater wisdom in this lesson is that we deplete our life energy by feeling bad about what happened in the past. Transformation only begins when we start from where we are. What use is it to funnel all our energy into the past and feel bad about it now? Mistakes are not for wallowing in self-induced suffering. They show up so we can learn from them and live differently now."


Dive deep and explore the path that brought you here to show you where your truth lies.