So there I was at Dr. Roselli's office - which by the way I absolutely love him. He's just opened RevitalIV here in Jupiter...(more on that experience below) and I was flipping through Elle magazine and came upon the article Fill 'Er Up by Rachel Baker.


In the article she talks about the new book Always Hungry by endocronologist, nutritionist, and pediatrician David Ludwig, MD, PhD. "Ludwig's philosophy is that by "ignoring calories and targeting fat tissues directly" - with a low-carb diet based on "good fats," legumes, non-starchy vegetables, and a wide array of proteins... - you can reprogram "fat cells to release their stored calories...shifting metabolism into weight-loss mode" and eventually find your healthy set point, i.e., the weight your body "wants" to be."


"The weight your body wants to be." Sounds so much like how I was told to eat when I went to see my sister in Roma!


Yes! That's it!


Our body knows what it needs and what it wants and when we follow it the excess drops off. Our bodies know and we can no longer believe the lies:


Lie #1: All calories are not created equal. Processed foods are an atomic bomb to our cells and our DNA not to mention our hormone and blood sugar levels. They also lower our vibration levels basically making us feel like walking zombies, aggressive lunatics or downright pieces of shit. 


Lie #2: Low fat is good for us. After taking the courses and becoming certified in Plant-Based Nutrition at Cornell University taught by T. Colin Campbell (who wrote the book The China Study) I was furious. How could we have turned against avocados and oils and be convinced that eating low fat was as close to perfect eating we were going to get. Wrong. Good fats are what keep us going and what keeps us from getting hungry and going after the processed foods.


And now...(drum roll)


Lie #3: Animal protein is a killer. I've been a vegan for a long time now and firmly believed that all my protein could come from plants. Wrong. First of all, we need a little death, i.e., B12 and B3 which both come from animals and decay. I had thought I could get as much as I needed from a pill. Wrong.


Back to the doctor's office. I had gone in to get all my levels checked, micronutrients, hormones, metabolism, blood sugar, cholesterol, oxygen in the blood, you name it I tested it. And what I found was shocking. Conventional doctors had prescribed B12 subcutaneous pills and shots and insisted that my tired feelings were merely premenopausal symptoms. They were wrong. They had retested to see if the levels of all the Bs actually went up and when they didn't they prescribed higher doses. Here's a secret. I have a gluten intolerance to American wheat. (don't laugh it's true.) The wheat here in the States has two extra proteins and I can't process it. So while my guts tried for years to compensate it became harder and harder to absorb vitamins. Now take away the natural way of getting the Bs and I'm basically a undernourished person who while juicing feels great but get me back to a regular food diet of veggies and carbs and well-not so good. My B12 and B3 was super super low. And no I'm not premenopausal. I'm vitamin deficient! Imagine that!


While this was all going on I had a visit with my peer coach and soul sister for a couple of days who urged me to take a bit of egg. So two boiled eggs a day later and the weekly IV filled with nutrients and I am back to looking and feeling better than when I was 20 and I'm 48 in February. No more cravings, no more hunger, no more tiredness. Up at 5 am without an alarm clock and in bed by 11 feeling fab!


So here's the plan to get your body back on track according to Dr. Ludwig:


Phase one "Conquer Cravings" - 50% of calories come from avocado, oils, nuts, and heavy cream (yup, heavy cream); 25% from non-starchy vegetables and legumes; and 25% lean proteins (lamb, chicken, eggs, etc.)


Phase two "Retrain your fat cells" - add grains and quinoa


Phase three "Long-term maintenance" - 40% fat, 40% carbs, 20% protein.


You'll love the book and your life.