I hear a lot about forgiveness. Forgive that person and move on. Forgive this incident and let go. Forgive and forget.


Forgiveness is not about any of that. Because it's not about that person, incident, or story. It's about you. It's about raising from the ashes of death - that depressive yucky feeling that someone wronged me and feelings of despair and quite frankly victimhood - into the space of life - that uplifting fabulous feeling of I am...and I own it - Forgiveness is not about clearing the slate, forgetting about what happened and letting go, or about moving on and letting someone or something off the hook.


Forgiveness is about releasing emotional congestion in our heart and then once done, redefining the role we want for ourselves and our story. And since time is bendable we get to renegotiate our timed stamped stories.


The emotional congestion I'm talking about is that backlog of thoughts and the replaying of the story over and over again until its a murky green blob of mucous. Short and simple. It snot for the soul.


The release is about changing the story. Saying to ourselves that this story-this past- isn't serving me anymore. It's just not working for me. And I get to change it into something that does.


Forgiveness is the Sudafed of our soul, a cleaning out of all the snot that has built up inside of us of whatever happened by whomever at a whatever point in time.


So once we decide to change the story we can redefine the role of the person, the place, the incident, the time, and its relation to us. We don't have to act as if nothing ever happened. We can create a new way of negotiating with it. We are in charge.


The definition of for: Used to indicate the place someone or something is going to or toward; used to indicate the person or thing that something is sent or given to; used to indicate the thing that something is meant to be used with.


The definition of giveness: The act of giving or allowing.


My definition of for-giveness: Giving ourselves space, new negotiating tools, and claiming our boundary to move forward.


So take the time to clear out the mucous and redefine you you want your story to play out.


How? Ground!




Ask: "What physical changes can you make in your physical life to manifest your higher self? Our choices create our patterns and our path." ~ David Whyte, The Heart Aroused