I just finished watching Cowspiracy again and am thoroughly disgusted with the environmental groups like Greenpeace who seriously refuse to act in any way and on any level of policy that diet is important and that the animal industry is the single most largest cause of environmental degradation.


It’s not our cars, too many hot showers, or the plastic bags at the grocery store. While they do have an effect, it’s nothing compared to the animal agriculture industry. Transportation is at 13% and animal agriculture is at 51%. Wow. That’s huge. So let me ask you this, why is no one talking about this?


The California Advocacy Director, Ann Notthoff, of the National Resources Defense Council in the movie is quoted as saying that it’s cow farts.




Not so fast. While it may be the methane gasses that a cow, ahem, farts out, it’s actually the deforestation. And at 130 times more waste than the entire human population combined.


Whoa Nelly!


And here I thought driving an egg-shaped Prius would save the day. I dodged a bullet on that one. I was almost guilt tripped into it. Those who know me know that I am more Mercedes than Prius. Now I can think more about what I feed my family and what we eat rather than what we drive and feeling like we did something valuable all while we stuff our faces with sushi and burgers.


And those burgers…


Well, eating one burger is like taking a shower that lasts two months. No. I’m not eating this cow shit anymore, figuratively and literally - I already knew that processed beef contains at least some if not a lot of cow shit.


So what’s the deal here? Why is it that we can make a behavioral change in our driving habits and our shopping but not in our eating habits? Is it really that we believe that we need the protein? Or is it that we have been indoctrinated since we first went to the doctor and our parents were told that we needed less mother’s milk and more cow’s milk and more protein and less fruits and veggies? And then that this was reinforced through active marketing campaigns infiltrating our schools. What is it about eating meat, fish, eggs, and milk?


Got Milk? You tell me. I feel like I got milked! Did you know that little baby cows are taken away from their mommies after two days and then only the girls are kept at the industrial dairy. The boys are sold to the industrial meat facilities…and not as veal. They are fattened up in horrible conditions and then slaughtered so that you can have your burger. Gross and inhumane when you consider that all this happens so you can get your non organic, non sustainable milk.


I think back to when I went to Upaya last year and asked about why the statue of Quan Yin, who represents compassion was on the same alter as Manjusri, who represents transcendental wisdom.


The response was that they sit in balance.


Compassion without wisdom is foolishness and wisdom without compassion is cruelty. Think about where you stand in terms of your food choices.