Learning to love yourself sets you on the path you are meant to live, also known as your LifesPath – a term I trademarked to help people reach their true destiny.

Here are 4 secrets to learning to love yourself:

Let it flow – where you learn to regain your flow and set yourself back on your true path

Open your heart to infinite possibilities – where you learn to let love be your first language

View the world as a blank canvas – where you learn to rewrite your own story, the way you know it was truly intended

Expand your awareness – where you break down those detrimental patterns blocking you from your true path and instead let love lead the way.


My new hardcover book, The Four Tenets of LOVE, is about finding your LifesPath™, breaking down the barriers between you and your passion and purpose, and living the life you love. Filled with insight, inspiration, and easy-to-master techniques, my message is you hold the power to create a world filled with opportunity, connection, and joy.

4 secrets hold the key to the power of transformation and the practice of shifting into living a life you love.

And just what is LOVE? It's the answer to everything…

So grab a cup of coffee or hot tea, snuggle into your favorite reading spot and invest in yourself.  I hope you enjoy.  For more information on me and to purchase the book, I welcome you to visit my website: www.juliettetaylor.com