Driving the other day with my daughter Dagen, she started playing the song, Best Mistake https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21G5SJrQu_E (lyrics below)

How soon do we forget
How we felt
Dealing with emotions
That never left
Playing with the hand that
We were dealt
In this game

Maybe I'm the sinner
And you're the saint
Gotta stop pretending
What we ain't
Why we pointing fingers
When we're the same

She’s in charge of the music playlist when we’re in the car. We don’t listen to the radio anymore, rather we play our playlists we have on Spotify. Both she and Alex have created fabulous playlists for me. They know that I am a complete technophobe. For some reason I always think that I’ll break something and truth be told, I’d rather be writing, or cooking, or painting, or even poking my eyes out. Ha, ha. I’m sure it comes from the years where I had to learn how to use the computer when programming was 1’s and 0’s and the screen was green. But that’s not the point of this story. Well while my girl Ariana was belting out the lyrics to Best Mistake tears started streaming down my face. I wanted to play the song over and over again. I’m serious, over, over, and over again. Dagen kept playing the song until she begged me to listen to something else because I was crying harder and harder. I wasn’t sad.

What was it about that song that got me all choked up?

Again, I wasn’t sad. I was happy. I was happy because I’m one of the lucky ones.


I started thinking about my life, the twists and turns, the synchronicity, the banging my head against the wall when I wanted something, some one, or some event to go my way…as I had planned. I started thinking about the master plan that I know I co-created with my soul council and the events I placed in my way to wake me up to this life, right now. And I know I’m awake. Or at least as awake as I can be, right now.

Wake up, get real, and know who you are. For knowing who you are is the key to a happy life.

Know that at times you think you’re the saint you may actually be the sinner.

Know that the events in your life are created by you because reality is fluid, reality is based on potential and manifested through thought, and reality changes the minute you change your mindset. Once your reality changes your life changes.

I had a hard time verbalizing my emotional outburst to Dagen and somehow I knew she knew. She is much wiser than me.

I started thinking about the stories we make up about ourselves. I started thinking about how we replay them to suit our needs, whether it’s to continue the pain or to get a little taste of bliss. The lyrics: How soon do we forget                        How we felt Dealing with emotions            That never left speak to how we hang on to certain emotions and allow them to replay in our minds and then allow them to play out in our lives. It’s time to get real, see yourself for who you are, have been, and will become and shift what needs to be shifted, release what needs to be released, change what needs changing, and hang on to what needs hanging on to. Xo, J