You have drive, passion, and power. But what you’re missing is the one fundamental cornerstone of success. And it’s not your corner office, your new leased car, or your country club membership.

It’s balance. The balance to create success in both your business and in your personal life AND feel good doing it.

·      Working from 0-dark-thirty until your eyes no longer listen to your protests and close anyway is not sustainable.

·      Pushing your body and mind to their limits without some kind of energetic reinforcement is not sustainable.

·      Having an ideal hourly rate or retainer in mind and then not calculating all the hours you spend on the project or client during the month is not sustainable.

All of the above and other habits you have created affect your performance, physical energy level, health, and psyche, shortening your executive lifespan needlessly.

You can’t concentrate to make power-driven decisions when clarity doesn’t come easily, when your food and lifestyle choices lower your vibration and cloud your judgment.

To reach your pinnacle – the ultimate goal in your career and your personal life – you have to overcome the blocks standing between you and your sustainable six-figure income. I say sustainable because many of you get there (I see the FB walls of pride of accomplishments) but its not being sustained. The minute you hit the $140K, or the $125K, or the $100K mark something happens. The minute you get that client that brings you to that number something happens.

And while you may think it is accidental or part of the universal plan of scarcity (and let me interject that the universal plan is flow and abundance not blocks and scarcity), it isn’t. It’s you and the block you set up for yourself. It is the ceiling you created that prevents you from opening up and receiving the happiness you deserve. You shatter it when you get rid of things you told yourself when you were in grade school, or high school, or graduate school, or with so and so or at your first job, etc. etc. etc. Be quiet, don’t speak up, don’t talk, don’t be loud, don’t be bold, don’t stand out, and don’t even think about playing it big. (You get my point.).

What beliefs have you set up that knows exactly when to stop the flow like magic? What story are you telling yourself to stay stuck?

Hint: it’s not the big traumas that you remember, it’s the little sayings you heard and the vignettes you saw as a child that you are reliving and your ego is protecting you from.

 What do you do to break through these blocks? You can start with:

  • Detoxing your mind and your body with a diet rich in life-enhancing plants
  • Establishing a daily routine that includes meditation to keep your mind focused and sharp
  • Creating daily rituals that create a calm and serenity in your soul as you move so far ahead because you’re no longer looking over your shoulder to see what others are doing, or blaming yourself for what you haven’t done yet.
  • Hiring a coach to help you develop the action plans, hold you accountable and celebrate when you leap forward in your quest for balance, financial flow, and happiness.

We only have 24 hours in the day. Make them the best and most efficient 24 hours you can. What you focus in on attracts more of the same.