Here are the rules of Pippi Longstocking. These are what make Pippi, Pippi and me, me.

  • Always walk in sugar: take the crunchiness with the sweetness
  • Always wear mismatched socks: no vanity needed here
  • Live as you were living in Villa Villa Kula: have the attitude of a full chest of gold coins, know that the world is one blissful moment of potential unfolding.
  • Love your friends as they are, not as who you want them to be: nobody wants a clone
  • Learn life from living: not from the behind the ivory towers of academia
  • Braids should always be perky: as should your chest. Pippi used wire and so can you.
  • Make the chip on your shoulder a Herr Nelson (the monkey she always had around her): take the chip on your shoulder and see it for just that, a tiny chip that doesn’t want to expand and evolve. Why? It means change and change means trust.
  • Always eat breakfast for dinner: be a ruler breaker and take action in what you believe in
  • Have the inner strength to lift a horse (the Old Man-the name of her horse) with ease like it is as light as a feather. (The challenges in your life)
  • Believe you can and you will.
  • Believe you are worthy: act with self-love and self-respect and create personal boundaries (this allows for the inside you to match up with the outside you).
  • Turn life upside down and sleep with your feet in the pillow and you head in the blanket: you need to see what you don't want to see so you can see what you are supposed to see.