Yesterday the kids and I went over to my mom’s to have dinner. I had bought a really nice bottle of wine and some organic zucchini and farfalle pasta to make. We were well into dinner outside al fresco and all of a sudden a raven cawed his warning caw, then another and another and another until eight of them were literally circling above us all cawing. I thought to myself something is up but as were more than our inner circle I really didn’t want to say, let’s take it easy because something is up.

It started to rain and we brought the dinner conversation inside. At that point, my mom was talking about my book and her friend Linda wanted to buy some so Red went out to the car to get two books (I have a box of them for those just in case you want one now moments) to sign. I couldn’t find a pen so my mom and Red went into her bedroom to see if they could find a pen. He came back out with one and then about a minute later Dagen came out ashen-faced and said in the smallest of voices that Mormor (my mom) had fallen and couldn’t get up. She said it again and I ran into the bedroom and there was my mom on the floor in complete agony. I called 911 and the paramedics came and piled her and I into the ambulance with the kids and Linda not far behind us. A few hours later the x-rays came back. Her hip was fractured and she would need surgery.

So here I am waiting in her room as she sleeps before here surgery thinking about how fast life can change. Our world is altered instantaneously. We need to savor every moment, appreciate every person in our life, and pay attention to our bodies and surroundings.

I’m so glad I moved down here to be closer to her and so glad I was there when it happened. What if no one had been there? How long would she have been on the floor? What were the ravens saying? Ravens ward of negative energy, warn of moments needing attention, and call out danger. Pay attention to the present, be aware of your physical body, and know that life is here for you. It's all one big experience.