I knew she was my soul-daughter. We have freckles across the bridge of our noses that then in my case go on to sprinkle the rest of my face. She is witty and sarcastic, brave and intense, and highly sensitive to injustice especially in personal dynamics. She knows where she is going and gets there.


I was in Aruba years ago when I met her and I knew. She was open, expressive, and we connected. And then we didn't. It was all drama. All emotions. All raw. This is how you know when you've met them...they rattle you to your core. We went to breakfast and the waiter asked if we were mother and daughter. I knew then.


She and Alex are often reading the same author. In fact, typically there are at the very same part. Although they had never met and grew up on opposite coasts they had the same connections. Two degrees of separation.


Our relationship has not been without challenges to say the least. We’ve felt attacked, betrayed, and at times even disliked. But she is my soul-daughter.


It was my hope that when I divorced we could still be a family of sorts. I guess that's the European in me. I know several people who still share holidays together and at times even vacation together. But that was not to be. It was my hope that I could stay connected with both girls but loyalties being what they are that simply was not possible.


There is a sadness knowing that what I wanted isn't what is. But what I knew then I still know now. I have a soul-daughter and for that I am forever grateful and blessed.


The soul connects in illogical ways to others and yet it speaks the truth.