“Until we learn to experience the outer world completely we cannot hope to transcend it. Therefore the first step to enlightenment is sensuality. Only through passion, can we sense from deep inside rather than through intellectual argument, the spirit that fills all existence.” (Pg. 45 Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom, Rachel Pollack)


Passion, feeling, sensing from deep inside = experiencing leads to knowing. When we have passion we are completely immersed and we jump out of our heads, into our bodies and we are in the moment. We’re totally tuned in, turned on, and grounded. And being grounded is a good thing. Getting out of our heads and into our bodies is a good thing. Because at that moment we are in the moment and we let the mind/our ego take a rest and that’s a good thing.


Some of those moments are amazing and some of those moments are moments that we may not want to relive. I’ve had moments that while at the time were ah-mazing…may not be moments that conform to the notion of good behavior. But there they are, moments that in looking back, I can clearly see are moments that made me who I am today and brought me here.  They were the exact moments that woke me up out of my anesthetized slumber and into a living breathing life. Like electricity it was a surge that shocked the system and once shocked I could ground and create change that needed changing. And if I didn’t then change was forced on me. Change happens whether we are ready or not.


There are a lot of us running around feeling guilty about the things we’ve done, the things delayed on, the time wasted, the things we didn’t’ do, and if we were standing on stage and were exposed about it would be ashamed maybe even mortified. I’m saying right here and right now.




Everything you’ve ever done in your life brought you here. Yes. They have brought you to this exact moment. I’m reading the series The Immortal Nicholas Flamel upon the recommendation of my son who read the series a few years ago. I’m on Book III, The Sorceress, and in one part she says, “We are nothing more than the sum of our memories and experiences.” (Pg. 53, The Sorceress, Michael Scott)


And so, if we are the sum of our memories and experiences, we can change them by changing the stories we tell ourselves. If you want to live large, it's time to do some time bending. Those events that make us cringe are the exact events that make us grow. And those events that keep us stuck are keeping us stuck because we choose to remember them a certain way to create a certain feeling and keep a certain way of living and feeling. They keep us small but comfortable in our smallness. They are all life lessons and worthy of just as much respect as the wonderful events in our life. Time Bending 101


The only way to “knowing” or as some say, enlightenment, is through living life and living it fully. It’s not through lofty theoretical discussions, intense meditation retreats, or through reading about someone else’s life and then following that life. It has to be lived. And then reflected on, not the other way around. And that takes practice. The practice is creating moments every day that bring us to the present moment, where there is no before or after only now.


To living large and loving it!