Now I am whole. Now I am without sin. Now I am free. The moment is now, not two seconds ago and not two seconds from now but now. Not then when I wrote those words. Now. It is the space between breaths.


112 techniques of meditation from the ancient text, Vigyan Bhairav Tantra


Devi Asks:


O Shiva, what is your reality?


What is this wonder-filled universe?


What constitutes seed?


Who centers the universal wheel?


What is this life beyond pervading forms?


How may we enter it fully, above space and time, names and descriptions?


Let my doubts be cleared!



Shiva Replies:


1.     Radiant One, this experience may dawn between two breaths. After breath comes in and just before turning up-the beneficence.


2.     As breath turns from down to up, and again as breath curves up to down-through both these turns realize.


3.     Or, whenever in-breath and out-breath fuse, at this instant touch the energy-less, energy-filled center.


4.     Or, when breath is all out and stopped of itself, or all in and stopped-in such universal pause, one’s small self vanishes. This is difficult only for the impure.