This is my head and heart...Got vibes?


Food vibes, enjoyment vibes, good vibes, high vibes?


What we eat has a direct correlation on how we act. Living, whole, and organic foods provide the high vibration needed to surpass our own limitations. In thinking through my disdain for the industrial agricultural system I thought, “Wow, it’s not actually about the political, social, and ethical components, it’s about the vibes. I talk a lot about vibes in my book, The Four Tenets of Love. Vibration and the power of that energy is a universal law.


Everything vibrates. Everything is energy. Everything is alive and everything dies and out of death comes life. We're all products of death.


So how does this relate to food?


Well, whatever the vibration is that is contained in the food, along with all the energetic vibrations around the processing of the food, gets taken in by us. It’s that simple. We become that vibration. And we are that vibration. It sticks with us.


It’s actually been proven that food has a certain vibration based on its PH balance.


The higher the PH, the higher the vibration, the higher the vibration the closer it is to love. The lower the PH, the lower the vibration, the closer it is to fear. Love vibrates at the highest vibration and fear vibrates at the lowest. So you want to step out of love eat a steak. But conversely I’m learning that sometimes being at a lower vibration is needed to ground.


Does that mean I eat a steak?


Maybe ‘yes,’ most likely ‘no’ as I don’t want eat the vibration attached to how that got on my plate. But maybe someone else says ‘yes.’


But, I’ll most likely eat something grounded like vegetables that grow in the earth: beets, potatoes, and carrots.


Luxury, body, mind, and soul is a reflection of a conscious approach to living life. And when your on the path to consciousness things shift. And there's no going back.


It's all energy.


And we know that energy can shift but it can't be eliminated. So what actually happens to the energy of that cow, chicken, or apple.


By the way my son told me that apples and other fruits and vegetables feel pain. Ok, so now what do I eat? I think the point here is to eat consciously. Up next this month...Dia De Muertos (Day of the Dead, or as we know it...Halloween).