Do You Believe in Magic?


I mean really, do you? Most of us would most likely say no if asked seriously. But I’m one of those folks that would and do say yes. I say yes I believe in magic.


What is magic exactly?


The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, my go to, states that magic is first defined as:


·      The use of means (as charms or spells) believed to have supernatural powers over natural forces

·      Magic rites or incantations

·      An extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural force


So while I agree with the present most updated version of the definition I want to open the lens a bit wider and change some of the language to take out what I call the “woo-woo factor” which I think shuts us down from the true essence of magic and its beauty.


What happens when we change the words charms and spells to affirmations and daily practices? Sounds normal, right?


And then what about magic rites or incantations? Tat makes me think of a witch at the edge of town whispering ancient words into a cauldron or reading from and old book of spells to create a potion with which to usually harm or charm someone. Now don’t get me wrong I am not negating the power of this kind of magic. Don’t underestimate the power of energy whether it be dark or light, good or bad, negative or positive, high or low.


What I’m saying is that we are already performing magic rites and incantations in our every day lives.


What if we see the incantations as the repeated phrases and thoughts we say about others and ourselves, the thoughts we say to ourselves over and over again about how unworthy we are, how fat, ugly, disgusting, poor, or even how undeserving of love?


What about the curses we say under our breath when someone does or says something we dislike, something that doesn’t fit into our version of what we expect to happen in our lives?


What about the images we conjure up about the terrible things that are going to happen because it can’t possibly go right, quickly and easily?


This is magic. And I believe that with a daily practice we can change our lives, unfold a beautiful future, and be who we know we are meant to be.


Just ask your future self. She’ll tell you. Or go to Disneyworld and see the magic that was conjured up from a dream in someone’s head. Or look at your iPhone or iPad or Android and think about the “incantations” and “rites” that happened before it ever even went on a piece of paper. Life is created in your mind and the actions you take manifest them. It's magic, baby! So take the time each day for your practice. For hints, read my latest find from Huffington Post on my resources page