Peak performance is a reflection of a conscious approach to managing thoughts -the first step to breaking through behavior patterns that keep your focus, passion, purpose, and power a distant illusion.


“The two most effective business tools for twenty-first century executives are meditation and intuition.”

 ~Harvard Business School and INSEAD, Europe’s leading business school


Can you imagine? Even the Harvard Business School gets it.


The most important business tools for executives are meditation and intuition. So you would think that executives are running towards classes in meditation and intuition.


Not really.




I think for most executives and the corporations in which they work meditation and intuition training is in their collective mindset still mired in the “woo woo” factor. Think yoga mats, patchouli oil and that not so pretty washed-out bland apparel and shoe wear.


I’m sure there are old school thoughts that if these two tools were incorporated into the workplace all hell would break loose. Instead of working people would be singing mantras and whole departments would get up and out in a wave of zenning out and feeling vibes. Just think of the disruption that would ensue in the concrete jungle.


Are intuition and meditation gateway drugs to truth and happiness?


And if so, what happens when truth and happiness are introduced to the corporate world?


Well, if you take a look at companies that have introduced these discussions and have incorporated these methods as part of their corporate culture, their bottom line is looking green and their employees are looking pretty happy and content.


Companies like Google, Aetna, Def Jam Records and others have realized that the most important tools are meditation and are integrating the notion of intuition as being it’s partner. When these tools consciously spill over to their business practices, methods and systems it rocks.


Life is life whether it’s personal or business. It’s all one life. Each person lives both sides of that coin. They work and they play and the tools allow us to truly align at the core - work and play become one.


Power. Passion. Purpose.


I created the Tune Out To Tune In Corporate Program as part of my LifesPath system’s philosophy of the 5 cornerstones to nourishment.

  • mindfulness integrating thoughts, words, and actions into alignment
  • meditation, bringing clarity and focus to their work and personal lives
  • mindset, keeping their heads in positive action mode instead of negative reaction mode
  • movement developing a deeper and more intuitive relationship with themselves
  • nutrition providing the best fuel for the human engine


Discover Your Inner Core Part I (Mindfulness)

Once you integrate your thoughts, words, and actions with who you really want to be your story changes and the life you desire opens up to you.


Discover Your Inner Core Part II (Meditation)

When meditation becomes a regular practice, the brain changes. Literally. More cognitive function opens up. The gray matter actually expands. Meditation is the frontrunner in creating positive changes in behavior, focus, and mindset.


Grow Your Personal Power Through a Positive Attitude (Mindset)

How you see yourself affects your performance and impacts your results. Manage stress better and there’s less stress to manage.


Fueling Success with Life-Giving Whole Foods (Nutrition)

What you eat has a direct correlation to how you act. Living, whole, and organic foods provide the high vibration needed to surpass your own limitations.


Taking Care of Your Body, Mind, and Soul (Movement)

When the body and mind are soothed through movement, stress management is no longer a struggle. That’s when dis-ease is managed or staved off and you are able to better sense what your own body needs to thrive.


We all deserve Luxury. Body. Mind. Soul.