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Radical Self-Care for Radical Change Makers



Radical Self-Care for Radical Change Makers


“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi


The universe is always changing, ever evolving, and expanding. Change is its only constant. Change is flow and flow is energy. So if you're not changing you're stagnant. If you've lost your flow, you're lost on your path and you know it's time for you to change-radically.


Radical change requires radical self-care and it all starts with you because you can't change the world you see until you've changed yourself.


Everyone has within them the power to change the conditions of their lives. Higher vibrations consume and transform lower ones, allowing each of us to change the energies in our lives at any point. Remember that love is the language with the highest vibration. Love. Radical self-love emerges from radical self-care. And what’s in you right now (I know, I've been there) is the need to love yourself - radically.


Radical self care is self-love. Through the work we'll shift your notion of self-centered to centered on self. Self-centered is fear-based and means you don't think you're good enough - so you prove to the world that you are enough by buying, amassing, accumulating more, more and more stuff. You show the world here I am. I've arrived. Being centered on self means that you love yourself for who you are right now. You accept yourself for where you are in the moment and you stand tall in your authenticity. You are the real you, all the time, in all ways, and always. We don't need more stuff we need more worth. We need a world embracing humanistic capitalism.


"...corporations [must] assume an active responsibility for creating a healthy society and a habitable planet—not as a gesture to improve corporate image or as a moralistically undertaken responsibility, but because it is the only reasonable long-run interpretation of "good business." In the end, good business policy must become one with good social policy."

~Willis Harman


Fundamental change must take place today so that the world can be sustainable and healthy for all. The world needs you, the Change Maker. It needs you knowing your worth and creating the change today. As the change agent to the change maker my sole mission in life is to get you there. And it all starts here. It all starts now. Welcome home!


LifesPath: A System of Radical Self-Care for Radical Change Makers

  • Shift your mindset by smashing through your beliefs (illusions) about who you are, what you deserve, and how others see you

  • Create a meditative routine that keeps your mind focused on your most desired goals and not the nonsense of negativity or the naysayers

  • Develop a movement alchemy to prime your body into a place of balance so you can stand grounded and in the center of any storm

  • Set up a daily ritual that keep you mindful, content, and joyfully fulfilled so you can love every moment of your life

  • Eat intuitively releasing toxins and unwanted weight that keep your drive low

When you perform at the peak, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, NOTHING stands in your way. You are in the flow. Energy is flow. Live the balance you need to drill forward toward your success. Look at every moment as a blessing and with utter joy because five years from now, you want to look back and see what you’ve accomplished with pride and joy, not regret that you hesitated and waited for the perfect timing.


At the end of the day, who you are when you’re alone is who you are at your core. Learn to live it and love it with everything in you and the life you want to live opens up, effortlessly, magically, and yes, immediately.


Why LifesPath:

I created this system for you because I’ve been where you are. I’ve lived in your shoes (stilettos, of course). And, frankly, I know the hurt that goes along with playing below your true power level.


Working with me is an intensely personal journey involving cracking open deep-rooted patterns, creating and following radical self-care regimens, and breaking down beliefs (illusions) to breakthrough to the next level-your true power level.


This is not for the faint of heart. The journey changes as you do and as each session unfolds as needed, shifts can occur rapidly and unexpectedly. This may be unsettling and always transformational. Clients have reported that they have shifted more in days than in years of self help and therapy. As such, I maintain the strictest level of confidentiality for my clients.


And because I’ve walked that walk, I know how to help you pull yourself up and create the life that makes you want to live it to the fullest and savor every moment of it.


Those Who have Chosen LifesPath:

· 99% of those who have been through LifesPath report that they tap into their intuition quickly and that it has changed their life

· 97% report they rediscovered their passion

· 96% report they can stand on their own with confidence

· 98% have an taken action and are at their true power level


Up the Ante with laser focus

A one off session when you know the answer is right there and you can't quite see it. This is an intense 90 minute deep dive into the situation and immediate next steps


Double up with access

During these two months of weekly rapid fire 60-min sessions, we’ll get down and dirty into the core foundation issues that hold you back right now. We’ll lay out a plan of attack to keep you balanced, no matter what life throws at you.



Six all-in with Lifeline

Six months and twenty-six 60-90min sessions of you and me parachuting tandem into the "Amazon" as you make the changes you know you need to make to grow beyond your wildest dreams faster than jumping solo. We’ll uncover every pitfall, roadblock, and treacherous predators in your belief system blocking you on your path. be there with a lifeline and holding you accountable. We’ll:

  • Create the blueprint for building success

  • Develop a radical self-care plan for you to follow

  • Learn how to navigate the switchbacks of the mind so you can move forward consciously and with ease


But more importantly, you’ll come out of these sessions with:

  • A rejuvenated sense of value and self-worth

  • Performing at your true power level

  • Armed with tools to travel into unknown territory


Included here is a 48-hour immersion intensive (travel and accommodations not included) where we’ll be face-to-face strengthening your resolve, giving you a power-boost, all while being completely unplugged at a 5-star resort (TBD). Also included during this 6-month period is a lifeline to me in-between sessions (in person even, if needed).


This option is for those who are ready to let go, button up, and take control of the situation. For those who are ready to change how they see themselves and how others see them. For those who are ready to take it up a notch.


I work from Jupiter, Florida and NYC and am also available by phone/virtual. In addition, I travel upon request to where my clients are worldwide. 


"Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny."

~ Mahatma Gandhi