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The Practice



The Practice

 Bask in the luxury that is a content soul and a happy heart


Juliette, a spiritual wellness warrior, movement alchemist, and modern-day shamanista is here to help you find your path. Your path to cups-of-coffee-on-the-veranda-in-the-silence-of-the-morning kind of happiness. Your path to unrelenting joy. To contentment that’s contagious and spreads from the ends of your locks to the core of your soul.

The LifesPath process is the single most comprehensive path to health, happiness, and love and that’s why Juliette created it for you. She has guided hundreds of clients to breakthrough their blocks, to disprove the beliefs about themselves that are holding them back, and to find the strength to live lives they want to wake up to each morning.

LifesPath is about creating a whole new you wrapped in a blanket of bliss, having relationships that serve you and make you feel fabulous about yourself.

You’ll reach your pinnacle of success, meaning you’ll be fit emotionally, strong psychologically, have a sharp mental edge, have focus to achieve your goals, and armed with the strategies and tools to maintain that peak performance, but most of all...it means the whole of you is aligned the way what feels best to you, to your desires, and to your beliefs.

Let go of the fear stopping you from reaching your highest performance, challenge beliefs keeping you down, explore who you really are, spiritually. And eat what your body craves and needs so you can experience the freedom your body and spirit long for.

When you walk your LifesPath, you:

  • Smash the (wrong) beliefs about who you are, what you deserve, and how others see you so you can charge what you’re worth

  • Create meditative practices that keep your mind focused on your most desired goals and not the nonsense of negativity or the naysayers

  • Set up spiritual rituals that keep you content, happy and fulfilled so you love every moment of your life

  • Embody the physical movements of yoga into your daily life to recalibrate neuropathways for sustainable shifts

  • Learn to easily eat intuitively so you release toxins and unwanted weight that keep your drive low

Because when you perform at the peak, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, NOTHING stands in your way.

At the end of the day, who you are when you’re alone is who you are at your core. Learn to live it and love it with everything in you and the life you want to live opens up, effortlessly. And because you are multidimensional, the perfect approach is multifaceted. It all starts with:

Intention & discovery

You’re ready for more. But knowing that, at your core, is no different than scaling Kilimanjaro. It’s hard to pull it off alone. Floundering back and forth on your whys, or listening to people who don’t have your best interests at heart keep you stuck, not knowing just how extremely ready you really are.

You have to let go. You have to search for the evidence. You have to be sure of who you are.

Because once you clear up all the inner struggles keeping you in a place that you don’t love, you’ll begin to see the peace you were fighting for show up on its own.

Once you know what’s holding you back, you release it of its power over you and become unstoppable.

Smash through the walls between you and the life you deserve to wake up to everyday, the happiness you can achieve, and the sun-on-a-white-sands-beach life you dream of. This session gives you answers you to conquer the blocks holding you back from finding that special person, living a life you love, and discovering who you know you are.

With Juliette's unconventional guidance blending magic with practicality, clients are able to take a deep dive into themselves, unlock challenges (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) holding them back, and identify a single, concrete desire to manifest. Incorporating her intuitive skills, Eastern and Western healing modalities, crystal energy, and Shamanic practices she creates outcomes that are both undeniable and palpable.

1 hour


Immersion & Retreat

A private face-to-face retreat in Jupiter, Florida allows the space and breadth for you to work on an unparalleled level with Juliette on an intimate level. This is NOT for the faint of heart. As the retreat unfolds as needed, shifts can occur rapidly and unexpectedly. While this may be unsettling, clients have reported that they have shifted more in days than in years of self-help and therapy. (Travel and accommodations not included)

48 hours


Please note: As Juliette's work is highly confidential, your privacy is protected with the utmost of seriousness.

You’ve always had the power, my dear. You’ve had it all along. ~Glinda the Good Witch of Oz