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 Bask in luxury with a content soul and a happy heart


I am a modern day shamanista, a prophetess, here to help you find your path of wellbeing and divinity. Your path to cups-of-coffee-on-the-veranda-in-the-silence-of-the-morning kind of happiness. Your path to unrelenting joy. To contentment that’s contagious and spreads from the ends of your locks to the core of your soul.

LifesPath is the most comprehensive path to health, happiness, and love, and that’s why I created it for you. I have guided hundreds of clients to breakthrough blocks that have kept them stuck, to disprove beliefs that held them back, and to open to their own divinity and direct connection with Spirit. My message is divinity is already within you.

LifesPath incorporates my 4M process of Movement, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Manifestation, practiced daily you’ll reach your pinnacle, mind, body, and soul. Walking your LifesPath by embodying my 4M practice means creating a whole new you wrapped in a blanket of bliss.

When you walk your LifesPath, you:

  • Smash the (false) beliefs about who you are, what you deserve, and how others see you

  • Develop meditative practices that keep your mind focused and awakened to every moment of your life

  • Embody manifestation rituals to open you to your purpose driven life

  • Embrace movements of yoga into your daily life and recalibrate for sustainable shifts

  • Learn mindfulness tools to release toxins and create alignment to open, activate, and inspire your LifesPath


These highly individualized and customized massage or facial treatments provide rejuvenation and regeneration, so you heal from the inside out. Clients report that they remain at optimal states and are at peak performance with a glow and joyfulness long afterwards. (Travel and accommodations not included)

60 min


90 min



As a grounding rod for lightening from the spiritual realm to come in, I activate transformation in others. I teach how to empower yourself to take action in order to change your reality, to gain a higher perspective on your experiences so you can understand how your use of emotional energy has created your reality, and how to be in a place of acceptance and surrender to come to emotional healing. By taking a deep dive into themselves, clients eliminate blockages of mind, body, and beliefs that have been holding them back. By incorporating my innate intuitive skills gained from lifetimes here, I create outcomes that are both undeniable and palpable. (Travel, and accommodations not included)

60 min


90 min



A private face-to-face retreat in Jupiter, Florida allows the space and breadth for you to work on an unparalleled level with me on a very intimate level. This is NOT for the faint of heart. As the retreat unfolds as needed, shifts can occur rapidly and unexpectedly. While this may be unsettling, clients have reported that they have shifted more in days than in years of self-help and/or therapy. (Travel and accommodations not included)

3 days


Please note: my work is highly confidential and as such, my Clients’ privacy is protected with the utmost of seriousness.

You’ve always had the power, my dear. You’ve had it all along. ~Glinda the Good Witch of Oz