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What if Your Breakdown was The Breakthrough

to Open, Activate, and Inspire Your LifesPath?

Juliette Spirit Warrior

I am no ordinary Life Coach. I specialize in breaking through blocks: medical, emotional, business, and relationships. My primary goal is to work with clients to shift and balance rapidly to the next level with tools that change their lives forever. To many I am their personal go-to strategist, confidante, and their modern-day Shaman. I can see your highest potential, other realms, and the energy snags pulling on you with a keen insight and a heightened intuition, psychic gifts. My mantra is "less woo woo and more butt kicking, less blue skying and more earth work." By being firmly grounded I can help shift perceptions rapidly, shatter illusions, and create a heart-centered path for you to navigate in your daily life and in your business. A breakdown of beliefs that you have held onto unconsciously is the way through to your breakthrough. Getting from breakdown to breakthrough is the third way - the Heart Fire.


Trust, intuition, connection opens exactly at the moment when we are in crisis. The moment we are forced to take an honest inventory of who we are and what decisions we have made or not made that have brought us to this point in our lives. It requires owning our truth. And that moment is the moment we have the opportunity to open, activate, and inspire our own life's path. The third way comes directly from Source and is infused in our body, mind, and soul through the heart. The third way is as Shiva Rea speaks of, "the Heart Fire awakening us to our deep knowing, passion, and creativity." We have Heart Fire within us. This is our inner light, our brilliance, our fire, our psychic gifts from Source.


And yet, we fear this gift. For years I hid my gift. I was taught that the Bible would condemn seers, healers, astrologers, diviners, mystics, and prophetesses. I was told that to be psychic was to be evil. I read the Bible cover to cover several times and noticed a thread, prophets (Moses, Noah, Abraham)hearing and seeing God through the four elements (fire, water, wind, earth) and their combinations (thunder, lightening, rainbows, flood, dove, burning bush, staff), dream interpretation (Joseph, Mary, Jacob, Daniel) wise men and kings (Saul, David, Solomon) consulting with diviners, astrologers, and even witches (Witch of Endor), magical hair (Samson), charged crystal boxes (Ark of the Covenant), foretelling of sacred events marked by astrological occurrences (star alerting the three wise men to the birth of the Christ/Jesus), using laying of hands (Jesus, Apostles), magical births (Mary, Sarah), speaking mantras and phrases (spells) to heal (Jesus, Moses, Jacob), and even the use of the directions, elements, angels, herbs, oils to anoint marking a moment or person's transformation from the mundane to the sacred. And then I learned of the Gnostic writings, the Gospel of Mary, and the symbolic messages in artwork hidden in plain sight and I reread the Bible and saw much had been omitted and or flipped to suit a patriarchal agenda.


I believe we are blessed with - Heart Fire - (God within us) and that it is woven into our DNA. I believe we have the spark of Source within us and that we are Divine. The clues to our awakenings are held in our lineage (physical ancestors and future generations), in our soul's journey (past lives) and in our stories (thoughts made manifest). There is fluidity between past, present and future and that we can alter, repair, and recalibrate our DNA for physical, mental, emotional, psychic, and spiritual alignment with our higher self (the connection within us to Source). Our stories create thoughts, habits, beliefs, and values that reenforce certain programs and inform our DNA and that by changing the program we change our DNA. We have the power to break old programming codes, reprogram new codes, and repair unfinished codes of our ancestral and soul past, present, future. We have the power to remember we are already healed.


My ancestors, African shaman, Dominican root doctors, French and Spanish alchemists, Danish healers, wise women, and yes, witches held onto the program that their gift was a mark of death and so they kept their gifts secret within their circles. It is my life's path to breakthrough this code, to awaken my Heart Fire, and guide others to do the same. My life's path has taken me through much personal and professional pain and trauma. Some experiences were learned through the reverberation of loud booms when they could have been learned through the silence of subtle whispers. I have learned to listen for the whispers. It is my mission to guide people to listen for the whispers in the breakdown that awaken the Heart Fire to their breakthrough so that they may open, activate, and inspire others on their life's path.


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So let us return to the power and

magnificence of our hearts: hearts

as fire and heat. Hearts

as intelligent energy and

electromagnetic radiance. Hearts

as our illuminating guide toward

love, creativity, and deep knowing. May the journey

begin now, as we awaken our

direct relationship to our Heart Fire, both

primordial and intimate.

~ Shiva Rea

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trust in yourself

trust in yourself

There is a word in Danish, hygge (pronounced “HUE-gah”) and it a word that inspires Juliette. Think warm and cozy. Hygge is the Danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Friends. Family. Graciousness. Contentment. Good feelings. A warm glow. And while Hygge is intrinsic to the Danish lifestyle, this feeling of well-being, deeply satisfying and cozy, is something we all experience, each in our own way. Embrace the Hygge! You are hygge!


You've always had the power, my dear. You've had it all along.

Glinda, the Good Witch