I have had the privilege to work with the some of the finest from CEO/founders and innovators to mavericks and pioneers, all changemakers, all scaling dramatic and positive change in their industry. I have born witness to their rapid evolution resulting in powerful turning points leading to large scale theories of change. They are the ChangeMakers and I am honored to serve them in change making.



"I hired Juliette for a specific purpose--to help me get unblocked in my efforts to take my company (an early-stage renewable energy software provider) to the next level. Our relationship succeeded brilliantly--I rediscovered the passion I had years ago as an ambitious entrepreneur, and even more remarkably, had a series of creative breakthroughs that re-established my company's reputation as an innovator.

In my experience, Juliette's gift for coaching stems from her eclectic, multidisciplinary set of skills and experience. On one hand, she is very well-versed in both spiritual and metaphysical domains. On the other, she has life experience that grounds her insights and gives them significant credibility. Hers is an holistic approach that in my case provided significant, tangible results. Her approach is not for everyone, and she vets her prospective clients to make sure the mutual elements exist to produce success. When those elements are present, the result is quite magical. I give Juliette my highest recommendation and endorsement." ~ Jay, CEO/Founder, Intelgen

"The Blueprint - We all have a blueprint, a master plan, a doctrine that we enter this life with.  Some folks go to Manchu Pichu to discover their blueprint or their connection to this life. Trips can be a bit temporary. You discover it (spend a ton of money) and come back with it and then get right back into life forgetting the essence or path back.  Juliette is the connection to the blueprint without taking a trip. She leads on the journey allowing you to discover your own path. 

Juliette changed my life.  Love, opportunity, serendipity, good fortune have all come into my life since meeting and working with Juliette.  She continues to brighten the tapestry  through meditation, mindfulness, movement and manifestation.  Don't get me wrong, you are an active participant in this journey.  What you put in you will get out, BUT  if you want to experience that power and responsibility that comes along with being awakened to your purpose.  Your blueprint. Juliette is your guide. 

She will always provide you a safe landing and allow you to weave your own story." ~ Amy Coveny, Head of Audio, Rubicon Project

"Working with Juliette has been the best decision that I’ve made for my business and career in years! She has a unique and thought-provoking way of getting right to the heart of what’s blocking you and helping you create a path around any obstacles...I’ve worked with many other business coaches before who really just didn’t resonate with me and I ended up wasting a lot of time and money. Juliette inspires you and holds the space for you to truly go deep and discover what fears are holding you back from creating the life you love." ~ Diane, CEO/Founding Publisher, Natural Nutmeg Magazine

"After our first session I am beyond confident that I made the right decision. Speaking with her was like talking to a longtime friend or an aunt full wisdom. I felt a supreme sense of comfort and peace. Her insight left me speechless...I know that I am embarking on the life change that I was hungry for. I’m excited to meet “the voice” that I believe Juliette has a direct line to." ~ Adara, Program Officer, Company Confidential


"...When you sign up to work with Juliette, you are not only getting a life coach, but you are also getting a blissful, soulful, shaman who walks on planet earth and the spiritual realm... To this day, she continues to keep me focused on my path!  I am blessed to have found her." ~ Sage, Yogi, Coach, Author


"Juliette is an amazing practitioner. Both during and after my activation session, I received guidance and information that has completely changed how I view my life's work...Juliette helped me identify where in my life I am blocked and gave me the tools to be able to release them. She is completely supportive in her process and I trust her wisdom and guidance as I evolve to the next level in my life, relationships, and livelihood. Thank you Juliette! I am so excited to continue to peel back the layers to create positive change for myself and my clients. I love you and am so blessed to be in your presence!" ~ Jane Ashley, CEO/Founder, Flower of Life Press