Juliette has had the privilege to work with the some of the finest, from CEO/founders and innovators, all mavericks and pioneers, all changemakers, and all scaling dramatic and positive change in their industry. Each has forged the way to rapid evolution resulting in powerful turning points, pivots for large scale theories of change.



"I hired Juliette for a specific purpose--to help me get unblocked in my efforts to take my company (an early-stage renewable energy software provider) to the next level. Our relationship succeeded brilliantly--I rediscovered the passion I had years ago as an ambitious entrepreneur, and even more remarkably, had a series of creative breakthroughs that re-established my company's reputation as an innovator.

In my experience, Juliette's gift for coaching stems from her eclectic, multidisciplinary set of skills and experience. On one hand, she is very well-versed in both spiritual and metaphysical domains. On the other, she has life experience that grounds her insights and gives them significant credibility. Hers is an holistic approach that in my case provided significant, tangible results.

Her approach is not for everyone, and she vets her prospective clients to make sure the mutual elements exist to produce success. When those elements are present, the result is quite magical. I give Juliette my highest recommendation and endorsement."

Jay Marhoefer

CEO/Founder, Intelgen

"We all have a blueprint or our soul’s purpose...  Some folks go all the way to Manchu Pichu to try to connect with it, others remain stuck. What I have found is that it is an inside journey-  a luxury trip for the soul,  one that Juliette can help you with...

After working with  Juliette for the past two years and graduating from her program I can honestly say-  it is incredibly powerful. I have a tremendous amount of gratitude for her.  She has profoundly changed my life.  Through guidance, meditation, mindfulness, movement and manifestation she has opened up love, opportunity, serendipity and good fortune.  The process was uncomfortable and a bit painful at times, but all great things comes with a sacrifice. Juliette will always provide you with a safe haven and a depth of wisdom rarely found in any healer. She will connect you to your blue print and the universal wisdom that comes from years of study and connection to things unseen.  Merci beaucoup Juliette~ Tu es un Ange."

Amy Coveny

Managing Director, VC Company Confidential

“Working with Juliette has been the best decision that I’ve made for my business and career in years! She has a unique and thought-provoking way of getting right to the heart of what’s blocking you and helping you create a path around any obstacles.

She continually keeps me focused on what my long-term goals are and what I need to do daily to get there. I’ve worked with many other business coaches before who really just didn’t resonate with me and I ended up wasting a lot of time and money.

Juliette inspires you and holds the space for you to truly go deep and discover what fears are holding you back from creating the life you love.”

Dr. Diane Hayden

CEO/Founder & Publisher, Natural Nutmeg Magazine

"I've spent a good deal of my career interviewing and working with world renown spiritual teachers and guides. Juliette is by far, hands down, one of THE most talented mediums and channelers I've ever used. Simply put, she's got an extraordinary gift to figure out what you need to manifest and then help you make it happen.

She's an accelerator. And to top it all off, she's also an exceptional communicator. The only problem-you can never get enough of her." 

Nell Daly

Holistic Psychotherapist, Journalist, TV Commentator

  "Praises to Juliette!  She came into my life through a recommendation of a dear friend, during a time in my life when I was experiencing physical symptoms that could not be explained by my medical doctor.  I did not know what to expect with Juliette, so my experience with her was incredibly unique and an extraordinary adventure into the spirit world.

She channeled messages to me from my spirit guides that told me exactly what I needed to do in order to reach my goals.  She scanned my chakras and was able to pin down exactly what was going on with my body physically (no joke, everything she told me, happened 4 days later), which was very helpful for be because it alleviated fear that I was having and allowed me to focus on exactly what I needed to focus on to heal and get better. 

I recommend Juliette to anyone who is open and interested in her ability to psychically locate areas in which you are stuck physically and psychologically and to folks who are opened to hearing what the spirits from the other dimensions have to say! Over the past two years, she has helped me clear out necessary emotional baggage and see myself as the beautiful, smart, successful woman that I am.

When you sign up to work with Juliette, you are not only getting a life coach, but you are also getting a blissful, soulful , shamanista who walks on planet earth and the spiritual realm, who will send you text message and emails and calls out of the blue with tidbits that she picks up from the universe to help you heal/grow/transcend your consciousness.

To this day, she continues to keep me focused on my path using her super-soul-sister-powers! I am blessed to have found her."


Yogi, Coach, Author

"Juliette is an amazing practitioner. Both during and after my activation session, I received guidance and information that has completely changed how I view my life's work...Juliette helped me identify where in my life I am blocked and gave me the tools to be able to release them. She is completely supportive in her process and I trust her wisdom and guidance as I evolve to the next level in my life, relationships, and livelihood.

Thank you Juliette! I am so excited to continue to peel back the layers to create positive change for myself and my clients. I love you and am so blessed to be in your presence!"

Jane Ashley

CEO/Founder & Publisher, Flower of Life Press

After our first session I am beyond confident that I made the right decision. Speaking with her was like talking to a longtime friend or an aunt full wisdom. I felt a supreme sense of comfort and peace. Her insight left me speechless...I know that I am embarking on the life change that I was hungry for.

I’m excited to have met “the voice” that I believe Juliette has a direct line to." 

Adara Wilson

Program Officer, Company Confidential

“Juliette was right on, and once I opened to receive the gifts I deserved for my hard work, the doors started opening!

Thank you Juliette, I am so grateful for everything you are doing to guide me throughout this business expansion process. May God bless you and empower you so you can continue helping others to become better human beings and better professionals to offer their gifts to the world.

Everyone needs a coach and Juliette was truly God-sent, she is perfect for me and is helping me and my business prosper in a scale I could never have imagined before.

If you think you can fly, if you feel you can fly, if you can feel the wind blowing on your face when you are up there flying and you are just too afraid to jump and flap your wings...You should talk to Juliette!”

Cris Repoles

Entrepreneur, Company Confidential

“In an hour and a half session with Juliette my world cracked open in a way I NEVER could have imagined!  Many of the questions that were plaguing me were validated or answered completely!  Many of the topics I had anxiety or angst over fell away.  She NAILED IT!!  By “it” I mean the deep work I’ve been wrestling with.

She allowed me accept parts of me I had been unconsciously resisting or blocking completely!  I had been living my life through someone else’s rulebook.  While I had questioned my own rules there were many that were so deeply ingrained in me that I couldn’t see them to know that I needed to question them!”

 Julie Norgeot-Rose

Coach & Author

 "Juliette is a healing force of nature. In terms of working in the inner landscape, she is very much like a spiritual Sherpa. Her deep knowledge of human nature combined with a caring heart makes her a powerful inspiration for personal evolution and expansion.

She knows when to push, when to listen and when to reach for more. If you truly want to be the person you were born to be, then this is the person to work with."

Woody Wilkins

Founder & CEO, Nonprofit Confidential

“I don't know if you realize how grateful I am for all you did for me. Your generosity is not forgotten. I brought Heartsong into the world with your help and am now ready to move forward with it in a big way. You were my cheer leader and a mentor in that process.

I am happy to say that I am stronger now than ever and am moving forward on my own.

Your work is an inspiration. Keep shining, you are a powerful light.”

Kristin Forrester

Reiki and Sound Healer

"I feel your work takes my thoughts and forces me into visualizing my life and taking steps toward making it actually happen. You can sit around and think about it all you want, which keeps you idle. Juliette is the catalyst that gets the forward motion needed.

Sometimes people need a little push and focus like me. I am now taking action on my business and already have more two clients."

Debbie Dobiesky

Reiki & Emotional Release Healer

"Juliette Taylor is an extraordinary visionary. She has been a friend, mentor, life coach and intuitive for me. When I first met Juliette, there was an immediate connection. I felt like I finally met someone who really understood who I was and where I needed to go with my life. She has been a source of constant inspiration for me personally and professionally. Juliette is driven yet laid back. She takes the time to truly understand every individual she comes in contact with and inspire them in whatever it is they wish to accomplish.

I consider myself very lucky and grateful to have Juliette as a part of my life."

Gyneth Spingarn

Interior Designer